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6 Weeks to Superhero


Today was my first day trying it and it was tough and pretty time consuming taking over 2 hours. It was probably mostly time consuming because I train with someone else so he'd have to do 4 rounds of the first complex, and then I'd do 4 rounds, switch complex and repeat.
I'm pretty excited to see how sore I am tomorrow.
Also I added extra carbs because of the increase of the increase in muscle cell insulin sensitivity.
I'll update soon.
Please post any personal experiences with the program.


I did this program a few years ago, it worked but there are much better alternatives out there imo


IMO, as soon as people stop looking for quick fixes, they'll make good solid progress.

No offence to CT or anything, but I feel that kind of plan is good for, and written for weekend warriors who are just looking to be "fit", and then probably fall off the bandwagon within 2-3 months.

The kind of people those hyped up, quick fix routines attract are lazy minded people with no will-power to be consistent with anything.

Those who train and look like bodybuilders don't turn everything upsidedown when they diet...training and dieting is their LIFESTYLE. They keep constants (e.g. same routine), while tweaking/adding things as and when needed in order to keep good track of things.


Did the program, really enjoyed it. Very challenging, and did wonders for fat loss.

What i would say is although it did take longer to complete than my usual sessions, it certainly didnt take anywhere near 2 hours! and i was doing assistance work on the side. By week 3 i was resting no more than 40 seconds between sets, maybe a minute at most on deadlifts and my sessions were lasting 1.15hrs.

If your training partner is slowing you down that much you need to ditch them. Training is a personal thing, having a training partner who's on the same level as you or a bit stronger and keeps the pace is a great thing, but if they're slowing you down then i wouldnt bother, thats your call though.

btw - why do you not just do a set of the complex, then your partner does it, then the next exercise etc...

i dont get why you'd wait till you've done the entire complex to switch??


And nothing more annoying then people talking out of their asses. Did you even try it?

People looking for a quick fix will quit after 2 days. This is a hard program. I learned so much from this program. But then again, I always approach a program with an open mind.

Everytime I see one of your post, it's long and winded. And we all know what CT says about that.


No need to get all defensive, it's just what I've observed about many who aren't serious (as mentioned, it was nothing against CT who I have much respect for)

Thanks for the feedback on my posts, I'll try to keep them brief and concise from now on. Although considering the "ramping" thread was miles long because people didn't seem to "get it", I didn't think my long winded posts were uncalled for LOL


Thanks for all the replies!
OH press and squat day had my a little sore, but deads and bench day killed my lower back. Today I did a upper back and biceps focused day and I tried to keep the principles of the superhero workout in it and made the upper back portion a circuit. As for biceps I focused on an explosive positive to increase insulin sensitivity in the muscle cells.
I'm not really looking for a quick fix I've just thought the program looked interesting since it was posted on the website, so I thought I'd give it a try.
The reason we don't switch off exercises is so that we can keep the lowest time possible between each exercise in the circuit because I only have one power rack and bar so already between each exercise we have to change the set up and weight.


OVT is a better Thib program


I'd rather do GVT than OVT, but right now I like how this is feeling so I'm going to continue with it. I'll probably run 5/3/1 after this then GVT because going from lower volume to high volume should give a good shock to my muscles.
Sunday's workout went very well time wise because we did the exercises back to back. We'll continue that way because it didn't seem to give us too much extra rest between exercises.


jayK what is you goal for doing this program? more fatloss or you looking for lean muscle gain? I was thinking about doing this program but I sort of thought it was for more fatloss than muscle gain.

Im just wondering



I'm trying to get down to about 6% body fat before a bulk. Also conditioning is a plus. I'm on a very low calorie version of the anabolic diet, but I've been seeing some increases in size in my arms and legs measurements.
Again though I did add an explosive upper back and biceps and I would recommend doing so.