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6 Weeks to Superhero: Shorter/More Frequent Sessions? Adding Cardio?

Hi there, I started your 6 weeks to superhero program last week and so far it’s been killer (in a good way:)). I have a couple of questions: (1) on the off days is it a good idea to do some cardio to accelerate fat loss? How much would be ok without affecting recovery too much? I’m thinking 20-30 minutes of hiit, or 60 minutes of easy biking? (2) occasionally life cuts into my training and I have to cut sessions short - have you tried doing shorter sessions but more frequently: e.g. Monday - bench, Tuesday - deadlift, Wednesday - squat, Thursday - o/h press, Friday off, sat/sun full sessions? Would that work or totally defeat the purpose? Thanks in advance and thanks for all your programs!

Having done that program, there is no way I’d add HIIT. Maybe a walk… It’s really hard.

If your second option is what you need to do, it’s what you need to do. Doesn’t look like the end of the world to me, but I’m obviously not the coach. I do think you’ll miss having off-days, though; that could be detrimental. Again - it’s a hard program!