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6 Weeks to Superhero Programme

Any figure girls tried this out as a lean down for comp? I have always leaned down traditional way, one body part a day, cardio early mornings, good diet. I placed 2nd 9 weks ago, have another small show in 6 weeks time and am in finals for year 5 weeks after that. Really interested in changing to the 6 week superhero for my last 6 weeks now, but concerned if it would be the right move.

already have a lot of lean and muscular upper body, but have put on my legs again in between shows and really just need to strip them down. Read such good recommendations for this workout, but also converned that if I go with it, I am just sticking to the four moves. any guidance from members or coaches would be extremely helpful, as I want to change up my routine, and really the only goal is to not lose the muscle I already have, but strip down the damned legs again!!

What do you think?