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6 Weeks to Superhero Modifications in Crowded Gym?


Hi there!

I’ve been researching your 6 Weeks to Superhero plan and I would love to do it. However, with the business of a commercial gym, it is very difficult for me to use so much equipment at once. Any ideas how to get around this?



i did it with one barbell as drop set. for example: rack pulls with 180 kilos, deadlift with 140 kilos, hang clean 100 kilos, snatch jump 60 kilos and broad jumps at the end. same for other movements


I went when it wasn’t busy and did 4 exercises if needed.


Here’s what I’ve found to work. After the first round, I drop the overload set. This still gives you 4 exercises, with the first still being a heavy, strength set (just not an overload). This frees up one of the stations you would need, while (IMHO) improving the workout session. I find doing an overload prior to each new round of the complex is too much, and takes away from the explosiveness of the latter moves.


Look up “crowded gym complexes”