6 Weeks to Superhero Modification

Hi guys, just trying to tweak 6 weeks to superhero to fit into my schedule and goals. I love the overall set-up and the fatloss effect it should have, however I am going to piggy back off of another post and only do one complex a day, while adding some double stimulation ( Double Stimulation Training ) work in place of the second complex. How does this look?

Deadlift Complex w/ direct Biceps work

Feeder set of biceps/back (light weight pump work for double stimulation).
Bench Press Complex w/ direct Triceps work

Feeder set of chest/triceps (light weight pump work for double stimulation).
Modified Squat and Shoulder Complex
Front Squat (3-5)
Push Press (2-3)
Weighted vertical jumps (8-10)
Feet elevated plyo push ups (8-10)
Backwards sprints with sled (1)

Repeat Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday


Let me know what you think!


I think it would work better if you did the complexes as written, because they are meant to train the same motion in a strength-to-explosion continuum. Doing a shoulder/squat hybrid complex (like on Wednesday) would not be inline with the type of training in the program.

Each complex (4 rounds) takes about 20-25 minutes (for me, and that’s moving pretty good through it). If you want to extend it throughout the week, why not do a single complex each workout, and follow that with the “feeder sets” you mention? I would do the complexes as written, and start each workout with these because if you place sets in front of them you’ll not be able to give the star complexes the effort required to really make them worthwhile.

For example, a modification I have done is the DL complex (4 rounds), followed by sets of weighted pull ups and curls. That makes that workout a “pull day”, and allows me do follow it up with push-focused workout the next day.

Just my thoughts…