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6 Weeks to Superhero for Strength/Mass?


First time posting but a huge fan of your programs. I have done both ALAS and SIx Weeks to Superhero with great success. I know you wrote the current article and the previous one focused on fat loss, how would you modify this program if your goal was strength/muscle mass.

Thank you.


I’d only do one movement pattern per day, alternating lower and upper body days and add some hypertrophy work for he muscles you don’ feel got enough stimulus at the end of the sessions

Thanks I will try that.

Hello @Christian_Thibaudeau

Question on the order of exercises. After reading the article/workout the written order of the exercises are different than the videos. I know the videos are mainly a visual example of the exercises but after explaining the exercises he goes through the circuit. But when going through the circuit the order or exercise is different.

Example is the Bench complex. The 3rd exercise written shows BB speed bench (5 reps?) before medicine ball throw. In the video it shows DB speed bench at the end for time?

Any clarification on all the circuits would be appreciated…

Thank you

Go from the heaviest/slowest to the lightest/fastest