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6 Weeks to Superhero - Explain?

hi sorry if already discussed somewhere im new to the forum and still finding my feet :smiley:

i have read this article several times and can’t quite figure it out…i dont have anyone to train with so dont have anyone to ask these questions to. i am self taught(sites like this /utube etc)

what exactly do i do on the days listed?

Each complex targets one of these movement patterns, and you’ll be performing two complexes per day, paired like this:

Day Star Complex A Star Complex B
Monday Overhead Press Squat
Tuesday Deadlift Bench Press
Thursday Squat OHP
Friday Bench Press Deadlift

like for example monday is 2 workouts? and first do just OHP then second do Squats>? nothing else?

sorry if im being completely dense

also i see on here in several threads “split/s” what are these workouts?


Just pick another program, this isn’t very good for beginners. Any 5x5 template will do

did you read the second page ? :slight_smile:

The bad thing about CT’s programs is you most likely need to reserve atleast 2 barbells to yourself (because of the circuits) so it’s better to do them when the gym is not so crowded

thanks for replies

i have all my own weights power/squat rack etc at home in my garage

i have been lifting 1 yr (i am a beginner but am eager)

not sure did i see page 2! will have another look now.

ok page 2 i didnt see before thanks :smiley:

i do a complex once a week on rest day sometimes otherwise i fit it in no matter what,evil 8…

glad theres vids on page 2

thanks again guys