6 Weeks to Superhero Days

Hello all. I am wanting to start the six weeks to superhero program, but I have a dilemma. I cannot make it to the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays which prevents me from doing the normal Mon/Teus/Thur/Fri split. Will changing the split to mon/wed/fri/sun have any affect on the program and results?

The body has no idea what day it is. You’ll be fine

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Hey. I saw this program and this it would be great for fat loss. I noticed that there is a lot of pressing movements in the program and barely any pulling movements. I came up with a “Pulling Star Complex” and would like some feedback. There are two movements for each load type that I thought might be effective.

Overload - Very Heavy Chest to Bar (Pull-up) Isometric Hold (10-30s)/Very Heavy Pull-up Negatives
Strength - Weighted Pull-ups/Lat Pulldown
Strength-Speed - Pendlay Row/Dumbbell Row
Speed-Strength - Snatch-Grip High Pull/Seated Cable Row
Explosive - Inverted Row (Explosively pull body up towards the bar)/Band Pull-aparts (?)

I have had shoulder issues in the past, so pulls are a must. Like I said, let me know what you think and if this will be effective. Thanks.

Doesn’t really work since the basis of star complexes is to use the same movement pattern (ideally)… in your complex you have vertical pulls, horizontal pulls and whole body pulls.

What I do is simply have people start each workout with either 30 total pull-ups or as many quality pull-ups as possible in 5 minutes and you can add band pull-aparts between sets

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How are you coach. I have a question about the 6 weeks Super Hero. What percentage of my MR should I use with the excersises? Also what can programs can I do after the six week super hero? I’m trying to lose some fat and do a body transformation, so I’m debating between the Super Hero or War Room strategy.



what should i do i dont have access to a sled nor Prowler ??

Hello coach

thank you for writing another fantastic program. I am giving this program a go but I am using 3 point complexes (the crowded gym method). Still keeping the same principles with a strength/overload followed by speed-strength followed by a plyo exercise.

I just had a question about the rest time after the complex is complete. Is it 30-90 seconds after the last exercise in the complex is completed as well? Or do we rest for longer after the last exercise?

Also would you consider the farmers walk to be a good strength endurance for these complexes?

Cant do zercher walks in my gym but can do regular and overhead walks (dumbbells only). Thinking of alternating them 2 days regular and 2 days overhead?

Thank you

Salutations Coach,
I have 2 questions.
1)First one, same as @fcbarcelona1899.

And about it, would it be okey to do cycle after cycle of this Program? I mean, 6 weeks, 1 week rest, 6 weeks, 1 week rest and so on.

2)I train fighting 4 days a week in the afternoon, and I can only train the iron 3 days at the gym morning time. Would it be okey instead of the original 4/week frequeancy? And regarding it, also lowering to 3 sets for Star instead of 4-6? At least at the begining until I get used to it.

Thank you very much, it looks like what I was lookig for, more optimal and with your geniality, instead of my current Full Body rutine, where I program strength-power-hypetrophy each training session and rotating my muscle groups.
Yours sincerely

No. It’s a high stress program. Do it for 4-6 weeks then move on. You can repeat it 12-16 weeks later

It’s a great idea and very mature of you. With such a program it is impossible to undertrain. It is so demanding that even doing the complex once or twice would lead to a training effect.

Most people want to do too much and get bad progress because of it. It is ALWAYS better to start more conservative and increase the workload IF NEEDED than do too much and lower it … because once you have to lower it, the harm is done

Thank you Coach, got it!