6 Weeks to Superhero Challenge!

Hi T-Nation Members!

Hope we are all well?!

I have decided to take the Superhero 6 week challenge! And am equally excited as well as scared!

A bit about me.

I am a 32yr old female nurse/therapist from London! At present I weigh 77kg.

I have a few years of lifting under my belt. But I have been one to focus on smaller, slower reps, focusing on form, less ballistic movements (i am not very ballistical- if that is even a word!) I have done complexes before, but mainly with kettle bells and light dumbbells.

I started this year by doing Chris Shugart’s Velocity Diet and Workout. The forum was a great help and I honestly think it contributed to my overall success of the diet. I had gone from 80kg to 73kg. I’m a curvy woman, proper hourglass figure, and that diet did everything to accentuate those curves! Since then though, I have put on 4kg, however, my measurements remarkably have not changed much at all!

I have spent the last few months injured (had a trapped nerve in my back, which caused shooting pain through my left shoulder and my right hip- and I have a bloody high pain threshold!), so fast forward a few months of minimal to light lifting, rehab, eating and drinking far too much because i wasn’t allowed to go play at the gym.

My main aims (Apart from shedding fat) is to

  • get my mind back into the fitness/nutrition state it used to be in.
  • to become quicker/ more ballistic/explosive.
  • wake my muscles and my body up- i don’t necessarily ‘feel’ my muscles working- if that makes sense to anybody!
  • Complete The Toughest in Norway in November in a time under 1hour 20mins (obstacle course race- hence the quickness!)
  • Look hot as fuck for my mates wedding in September (the ex will be attending! me looking hot will be the biggest f*ck you!)

The first week will be interesting trying to figure out the correct weights! I’m starting today instead of tomorrow due to work commitments!

I will report back next week! Wish me Luck!