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6 Weeks to Superhero Advice

Hello all, I will be starting 6 Weeks to Superhero next Monday on the 12th and I am curious if anyone has any great words of wisdom or advice.

My goals are to increase strength and hopefully muscle mass. I’m only 5 foot 9 inches and I weigh 170 lbs. I’m not strong by any means but I’ve worked hard on my form for the past 2 years and recently discovered how much my mobility has been hindering me (Thank you Kelly Starrett.) My strength numbers are as follows.

Squat - 300 lbs
Deadlift - 295 lbs
Bench - 185 lbs
Press - 120 lbs

My plan is to test my 1RM’s after the 6 weeks. Thanks in advance. This website is fantastic and so are the forums.

Knightmare90 -

I’ve done the ‘6 Weeks to Superhero’ program twice through in the past and both times I lost a significant amount of fat, increased work capacity and maintained my strength levels at the same time. I was very pleased with the results both times.

The key to getting the most out of this program is to make sure that you are moving from one lift to the next in the time prescribed. This necessitates having several stations set up and free for you to use over an extended period of time. This would be next to impossible in most commercial gyms. I had the good fortunate of being at a facility where this was not a problem but, depending on where you train, this could be an issue.

If you are able to execute the plan as written in your training facility I expect you’ll be more than pleased with the results.

This may be helpful in a commercial gym:

When I do this I end up doing 4 “links” (I include a strength-endurance move at the end). It’s been pretty effective for me a couple of times. I’ve done this as well as the original 5 point version in the article, and liked both. I just do more rounds with the crowded gym version.

Also I didn’t look at your goals. I lost bodyfat with this program, and maintained strength. If you’re primarily looking to increase strength and size and want to use a high frequency program, I’d suggest one of the Indigo programs or maybe the HPMass program. The complexes are pretty metabolically demanding.

So it sounds like for fat loss, this is a very good program to use. I’ll add that to my list of something to consider when I get to that point. Thanks to both of you for sharing your experience.

Thanks for the responses. I go to the gym early in the morning so I have the power rack to myself. I should be able to do the full 5 star complex without too much trouble from other people. Build for Bad might be another story however.

I’m hoping that if I eat enough I’ll be able to add some strength and size despite the metabolic demand. Losing body fat while not the goal would be fine with me.

I’ve been looking to the Indigo programs and they look really good. I’m not familiar with HP Mass is it based around this article?