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6 Weeks Til Air Force Special Forces


I completed the USAF PAST test
200m swim non-stop
1 mile run [7min 42sec]
51 pushups, 50 situps, 10 chin-ups


Im am shipping out mid-April for Basic. Tech Scool will start in July.
SERE Instructor (Survival, Envasion, Resistance & Escape) will be my job.


I have 6 weeks to get ready for Indoc course.

Week 1 [4 Train - 2 Rest - 1 Max Effort
150 pushups, situps, squats
30 pullups , 30 handstand pushups
1 mile in 15min w/71 lbs on back

Week 2-6 [4 Train - 2 Rest - 1 Max Effort
+25 to pushups, situps, squats
+5 pullups & handstand
+1/2 or 5/8 mile

I will eat 4500kcal.
Protein - eggs & turkey
Carbs - oats, sweet potato, rice & maltodextrin
Fat- olive oil, walnuts, peanuts & FlameOut
Fiber - red kidney beans, flax, broccoli, spinach, pumpkin
Probiotics - yogurt

2 gal water daily

Ambitious Bastard


Good luck, to go from 10 chins to 30 pullups in 6 weeks is going to take a lot of work, I hope you're close to that number already!


You ran a mile and a half in 7:42?

Thats impressive.


Outstanding. Keep your eye on the prize and train hard. We're pulling for you.


Yeah baby. Yesterday i did a mile in 5min flat in Army boots and uniform. Thanks for the support guys. My method will be acumilation, little everyday until my recovery skyrockets. Ill post a sample program later.

Keep Focused.


Sorry i had the meassurements wrong! I did the mile in 7:42. I did 2/3mile in 5min


I went to the SWTC SERE. Being a SERE instructor would not be my idea of a good job. Why not be a PJ?


How do you go from 10 Pull-ups to 30 Pull-ups in only 6 weeks?

I don't get how that happens....(gets out calculator, graph paper....reads charts...finishes book by Siff, talks to two nationally ranked Gymnasts).

Sorry...it can't be done.


Zeb, is so right. There is no way you go from 10 to 30 in six weeks. Adding 5 to 10 pullups is a stretch.


It is a long shot no doubt but its my goal. I may not achieve it in 6 weeks but maybe at the end of 2006.


Don't forget you have six weeks of BASIC before you get to your Indoc Course let alone the real SERE training.

I saw a few guys add 15+ pullups in Basic and that's only 6 weeks.

But I agree with what someone else said, why SERE? SERE wouldn't be my choice, PJ or CCT would be.