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6 Weeks Out From My First Show


I'm 19yrs old and I'm doing the natural show in olathe kansas, this was takin at 6weeks out or so.


More shots needed, front double bi, back double bi, lat spread, most muscular....

If you want the Pre-pre judging any ways


Ya, I know mate. Havnt really had time sense to take anymore, been going going going trying to dial things in ya know. I'll post pics pre contest though that are prejudging ect.


You should be snapping lots of digital pics while you practice your possing. If your not working on your possing your guna rob yourself on stage. The judges look for knowledge of proper possing. My friends really helped me out, together 2 of them had 15 years of experience. Better get some knowledge in your corner, and for your own sanity take all the photos you can.


Do you live in olathe?

Kind of off topic i know. I live in gardner and work in olathe though. So I was curious.


I pose everyday mate. Mandatories and work threw my routine many times, with the help of the guy thats getting me rdy, who has more than enough experience.

58 years old and has competed and placed/won many shows, very smart man. We just don't snap pictures though when I pose, if we like what we see in the mirror thats good enough. This was takin more as a casual picture by some folks.


Its easy to like a pose in the mirror, but you have no mirror on stage. Its best to have someone take pictures of you posing without a mirror therefore you can see what you are doing wrong for yourself and better correct.

Dont get pose-reliant on the mirror !