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6 Weeks Out From My First Amateur Physique Show


Thats getting me very worried…
Might need to UP the certain doses…
Any recommendations S?


New pix confirm my worry. Still fairly soft in the back (unless the lighting was just bad). You still might be okay since its not bodybuilding as Stu said.


Yeah i tend to hold more fat in the back

Any advice on what I should do from now on?


Play with cardio protocols (lotta LISS if you’re worried about stress and controlling cortisol), carb cycle with several consecutive low days and then a small bump, throw in some yohimbine based fat burners… hard to give an exact Rx as I haven’t been tracking how youve reacted weekly up to now.



Thank you for the advice.

Will start doing LISS 60 minutes everyday.

Comp is on November 10. You think I can make it by then?


A lot can be done in 4 weeks. I was 4 weeks out of my first show last year when I added fasted morning cardio, made a hell of a difference. Try your cardio fasted in the AM, have some BCAA with you and enjoy. I used to watch movies on my phone or ipad to help pass the time.


I guess since its my first time competing i dont know the time references.

Been doing 60-80minute fasted low-moderate intensity on the stationary bike everyday.

Would this be sufficient?


No one can tell you with 100% certainty, but if every other variable remains constant, I would GUESS (and I’d like to think my educated guesses are pretty decent) that should be enough to keep things moving. By how much and for how long,… you’d have to gauge week by week.



Taken under good lighting after a week.

A week after doing liss cardio and experimenting myself with carb intake to prepare for peak week as I couldn’t hire a coach… :frowning:

These were taken after 2 days of 300g carbs and 500g carb.


Keep grinding it out. ‘Good’ lighting won’t help onstage, so keep tightening up.


Agreed. Lighting on stage is brutal, bright and unforgiving, so make sure to be honest and objective as possible. Keep grinding! It’s all worth it!