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6 Weeks Out from 1st Meet


So I'm hoping to compete in my 1st meet in december. Ill be competing at 198 and raw jr. I've got pretty decent numbers and i know guys say not to get to wrapped up in your first meet but i can't help but have goals. I'm extremely anxious about all of it and my program seems to be stalling. Im worried that i may actually be losing strength.

I use 5/3/1 currently. At 6 weeks out whats some good advice? should i try to peak my lifts with a more traditional powerlifting set up? I know people say don't change anything before the meet but I'm kind of freaking out.
ANY good advice about meet prep/meet day from experienced lifters would be appreciated


would anyone recommend smolov jr for bench/squat


would anyone recommend smolov jr for bench/squat?


Never competed, but I used Smolov Jr for bench last year. Worked like a charm (+15kg). Despite being advised against it, I did all my regular lifting while on the program (yes, I am stubborn), where I also got a 10kg p.r. in deadlift. Shoulders did feel tight toward the end though, despite thorough warm-ups and stretching.


I've heard about people having success using johnnie candito's 6 week strength program to peak for a meet. I believe it's free on candito's website, I'd suggest at least looking it up and seeing if it's something you think would work for you.


If your running 531 then stick with it. Jim has something to peak while on 531 and i think its 6 weeks. I don't know where to find it though just search around


thanks for the replies guys

also i might add that I'm more of an intermediate lifter despite not having meet experience. Im expecting to total a minimum of 1400


1400 raw jr @ 198? Sounds nice, how old are you? Keep us posted on the meet results.


1400 is great. Does that get you above Class 1 and into Masters or Elite in the federation you are competing in?

I'm just shooting for a Class 1 Total at 198, age 46.


A 1455 total at 198 qualifies for Raw Unity Powerlifting competition, which is definitely a "no scrubs" competition. It also gets you on the current powerliftingwatch.com top 50 totals. It won't win at the national/world level, but it will at the local/state level. It is a competitive total.

If competing at this meet -- http://www.usapowerlifting.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/2013USAPLAmericanOpen.OfficialResults.pdf -- 1400lb (~636kg )would be 4th place in the mens open raw 198lb (90kg) division.


Actually I'm pretty sure that's the number for the 181's, the 198ers have to total 1559


Yes, you're correct.


1400 at 198 is still very good tho! Just not quite that good, RUM is pretty elite


Drop the volume. Start focusing more on sub max singles and moving them quickly before a meet. 4 weeks should be plenty of time to practice how you play.


Though your apprehensive your going to have to go through a few meets to see what works for peaking and what works for your mainstay routine...typically before a meet you reduce volume, cut all or most assistance, stress total recuperation before workouts, lower reps with heavier weights and a watch your form to adhere to your PL fed standard.



Along with a few other lifters and myself, we had and continue to have, a ton of success with Coach Thibaudeau's Layering System. Here is a link to the program layout he gave me when I first starting competing. You might try four weeks on it. If you read through the log you will find a schedule to follow leading up to the day of the meet. Best of luck to you on your first meet. You're going to absolutely LOVE it.