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6 Weeks Out, First Prep & Loose Skin

Hi everyone,

I’m new here and am looking for your thoughts on loose skin and competing?

For context I was 143kg when I started my lifting journey and fell in love with BB at about 130kg and said I was going to compete. 2 years later Im 6 weeks out.

Does anyone have experience with competing and having alot of loose skin in areas? It’s playing on my mind a little.


I have no advice for the loose skin, but congratulations on one helluva transformation!


Forgot to mention - Height 180cm, Weight 85kg and training for 2 years in a deficit with almost 60kg down.


Thank you man :smiley:

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Wow. Well done

Great transformation. I hope not to derail your thread, but personally, I would love to hear more about the transformation.

outstanding progress. you look fantastic.

Thanks everyone, I’ll make sure to post my stage pics :smiley:

Looking solid.
Don’t worry too much about the lose skin. Once you apply the spray tan it will help :slight_smile:

Thats a phenomenal transformation man. You should be proud

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Incredible transformation, well done :clap: