6 Weeks on Superdrol Cycle

Hello everyone, my name is Quen… i would like to inquire which supplements I can best use against the side effects of a 6 week superdroll cycle for adding some mass…

Won’t matter. There is almost no chance you last six weeks on superdrol. By week four you’ll be wondering if death isn’t all that bad.

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I have no clue what that is…
@iron_yuppie - can you tell me? whats its for, how it compares to dbol or abombs, and why is it that bad?

Superdrol is methasterone.

2a-17a-dimethyl DHT. More/less what dbol is to eq, this is derived from masteron.

Very, very toxic. Many case reports of liver failure, kidney failure stemming from acute use

Apparently it elicits an amazing cosmetic effect. Like anadrol without any bloat. People report feeling lethargic and run down even on low dosages spanning over short durations of time

People generally seem to run it for 3-4 weeks… If they can even last that long…

Myeah, fck the orals. I rather stick to some milder sarms or 'var… Stan at worst and probably not anytime soon and not for too long, or maybe even never.

Yeah the user reports are crazy. People say they can’t do nothing, only lay around and maybe drag their asses to the gym.