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6 Weeks of Test Cypionate 100 mg 2x a Week

Hey guys I’m in my 20s came back 6 weeks ago with a test score of 319 which is stupid low for someone in mid 20s. I wanted to just raise my levels to see how it made me feel and what physical improvements I would get as I was having an incredibly hard time
Burning fat and building muscle.

I don’t wanna stop my body’s natural production tho but I wanna keep my levels up. Do you think I could just stop after 6 weeks of 200mg per week and be okay just maintaining levels with supplements like DHEA or will I need some post cycle stuff like clomid and Nolvadex ??

I obviously don’t want to shut off my
Own production but I don’t wanna have things like clomid and novaldex in my system for an undisclosed reason. Also how long will the testosterone Cypionate stay in my system after the last shot? Any answers are greatly appreciated. Thanks

You can’t raise your levels and then “maintain levels” by taking something else. If you want to keep higher levels, it’s testosterone replacement for life. I’m 33 years old and started TRT 6 months ago. I should have started much earlier, as I wasted so many years feeling miserable. And my levels were actually higher than yours. If I were you I’d find a good TRT clinic and get started (after ruling out other possible explanations for your shitty levels - like sleep, diet etc.).

You already shut down your own production. You can come off, and you’ll likely get back to your pre test C levels at some point and continue feeling shitty. You’ve been dealt a crappy hand… TRT could change your life. Good luck.

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Just a correction I’ve actually been on for under a month Feb 6th was my first Shot and I felt fine before taking it I just had a hard time putting on muscle and burning fat

Full benefits of TRT start after week 12, but more like week 16. I take 100iu of HCG EOD and that keeps my balls working which are still producing their own levels of T. I dont plan on coming off ever, but lets say that if I did, I would be one step ahead. Restarting your HPTA is completely different though.

I’m just curious to as if I need a PCT if I only took it for 28 days

Week 1- 300 mg

Week 2- 200mg

Week 3- 200mg

Week 4- 100mg

My balls did shrink a little. However I’m prone to anxiety and depression which is why I’m affraid of clomid side effects but also affraid of my test levels crashing for those reasons as well.

Your test is already naturally low. I would use a PCT to better your odds.

Ok thanks, what Mg of clomid do you guys suggest and for a month I’d assumed being that I only cycled for One month?