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6 Weeks of Pure Gains?

Im a male 24y old into training over 4 years,
5,8 tall and 165 lbs @11% bf
I have done once a test 450 e5d for 12 weeks where I gained a nice amount of muscle but also experienced a lot of E2 side effects. Also did a lower test cycle with anavar and gained a lot of strength and some mass while cutting bf to 9%.

Now someone experienced within my community spoked about cycling for 6 weeks with a low dose of test and primo. Which decreases the stress on your body thus losing less while off.

1-6 400mg test-e
1-4 50mg anavar
1-6 500mg primo
1-7 hcg 500 iu 2 times a week

Clomid 10 days after last shot for 14 days.

Does anyone have experience with a shorter cycle while still using longer esters
I dont feel like using prop and I noticed that the first 6/7 weeks my cycle goes the smoothest

That’s not a good pct. Setting aside the short cycle/long ester problem, the pct is not going to work out for you. You’ll effectively be doing maybe 10 days of actual pct (maybe fewer) but you’ll be skipping the important part of the cycle where you make the most gains. Seems like a lose-lose proposition.

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
What do you mean? Do I need to start later with clomid?>

That’s a six week test e cycle with two weeks off at the end. You can see that you still have some exogenous test that’s left in you, so starting pct before or near that time is less productive. Additionally, with a 14 day pct, you’re already starting out from a disadvantage. So you’d be unlikely to get an optimal recovery with that layout.

Im confused now… Normally it is 1/3 of your cycle as pct right?
14 days after last pin so start @day 56 till day 70

Pct is 4-6 weeks long, depending on your school of thought. At 14 days of pct you’re already going too short. If you start it too early then that cuts total pct time down by even more.

Pct is not determined by cycle length. Period. If you’re cycling for 10 weeks you’re just as shut down as you are at 12 weeks or six weeks. You need to restart all the same.

Ahaa i see
Got it boss thanks!

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