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6 Weeks of Pain!


Alright! Im 20 years old and have been doing weight training for years now on and off. I am pretty happy with the way i am now but thought i would document my six week challenge! I am doing 2-a-day training 6 days a week.

I will document all my dieting and workouts along the way along with any difficulties or achievements i will encounter.

Hopfully it will be a tough and successful six weeks! Hope everyone enjoys my journey. Feel free to ask questions or comment where ever, when ever you like.


Ok guys. I had a go at getting my current stats. I have no specific weight goal i would like to get to, im just hoping to improve as much as possible.

Please remember im from Australia so might you different measurements that your used to. (1kg = 2.2 lbs)

Height - 176cm
Body weight - 78.4 kg
Deadlift - 130kg x 5
Squat - 100kg x 5
Body Weight Chin ups - 15 (full ROM, strict form)
Bench Press - 105kg x 1

I currently run 5km in around 28 minutes in a comfurtable pace.

hopfully looking back at these weights we can all sit back and laugh.

p.s pictures and measurements to come tomorrow hopefully!


Alright everyone (or no-one). Just got back from my 5km run. Completed it in 24.10 min which im pretty happy with. Hoping to get down to around the 15min pace. As promised here are a few snap shots. Sorry about the poor quality im new to this!

Any comments about what needs improvement and what not would be great!.



ok measurements as best i could:

chest: 102cm
waist: 82cm
Right arm: 37.5cm
Left arm: 36cm
R Quad: 51cm
L Quad: 51cm


Looking pretty good man! Do you have any specific goals?


thanks aqua!
havnt really set any specific goals as of yet. Just trying to train hard for 6 weeks and see where i can get. Overall strength gains while dropping body fat and building size are always goals although achieving all three at once will be difficult!


Week 1 Day 1

SQUAT - used a low table as a box to make sure i go deep enough each rep.

40kg x 10 (warm up)
50kg x 10
60kg x 10
70kg x 10
80kg x 10
90kg x 10 (video) Any advice?

15 x Explosive Squat Jumps x 2
10 Split Jumps x 2

50 Airbikes
25 Double Crunch

Legs where pretty fried after that workour. I know its not much compared to what others are doing but its my first leg session in around a year!


accedently uploaded the video twice


How often do you plan on running? My legs would probably be too tired to squat/DL after all that running.

EDIT: regarding your squats, try narrowing your grip, pointing your elbows down, and pushing your knees out.

I suggest watching the "So you think you can squat" series.


Week 1 Day 1


Standing Milatary Press
50kg x 8 x 2 sets
60kg x 5 x 2 sets

Laterial raises
5kg x 15 strict super set with 10kg x 15 partcials x 3 sets

Bent over BB Row
60kg x 10 x 3 sets

Hanging leg raises
15 each side
15 straight

Overall a short, sharp session. I feel my shoulders are week compared to the rest of my upper body. Hopfully see some improvements in the weeks to come!


Thanks for the video! great watch. i plan on running everyday. I know i should drop off some of the running to help my weight training but i cannot afford to lose the fitness i have(plus i love running). Hopfully the running will help lean me up!


Week 1 Day 2.

Legs are a little bit sore from yesterdays workout which is good! More in the glutes than anywhere else.


Chin ups
3 x wide chins x 10 reps superset with
3 xDeadLifts 90kg x 8

3 x under hadn grip x 10 reps superset with
3 xDeadLifts 90kg x 6

T Bar Rows
4 x 70kg x 10


Bench Press
90kg x 5
80kg x 8
70kg x 10
60 x 12

Wide Grip Push ups
4 x 15 12 10 10

Close Grip Bench Press
70kg x 8
60kg x 10
50kg x 12 super set with Push Ups to failure.
50kg x 12 super set with Push Ups to failure.

All in all a good workout. Chest and back feel fatigued now which is good. Looking forward to Arms tonight. What are your thoughts about this workout?



Week 1 Day 3


Superset which included 10 reps of each exercise x 4 sets
40kg BB Curls using Arm Blaster
15kg DB Curls
20kg hammer curls using Arm Blaster
11kg DB Curls.

Superset which included 10 reps of each excercise x 4 sets
20kg Skull Crushers
20kg Close Grip Bench Press
10kg Weighted Bench Dips
Close Grip Push Ups

Standing Milatary Press
70kg x 5
70kg x 4
70kg x 3
50kg x 10

Side raise
5kg x 10 super set with 15kg particals x 10 for 3 sets

Bent over BB Row
50kg x 10 x 4

Over all a great workout. Really enjoy trainign arms so its easy to get up for this training session. Legs this afternoon :).


Week 1 Day 3



60kg x 10
70kg x 10
80kg x 10
90kg x 10
100kg x 10

90kg, 70kg, 50 kg x 10reps each/

Legs are cooked!