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6 weeks of mag 10

Has anybody done 6 weeks straight of Mag 10? What type of gains did you get? How much have you kept?


I just finished six weeks of straight mag10. Weight went from 195lb to 214lb. Definately worked better for me then two weeks on two weeks off way mag10 is recomended.

I must be honest, I just finished an eight-week cycle of Mag-10 and am confused and disappointed with the results. The fist time I used it when it was first available my strength jumped up to 95% of my all-time best lifts, and all that with only one bottle. This past cycle with eight straight weeks of use, I only achieved 90% of my best marks, it definately was working but didn’t get the strength kick or bodyweight gains as I did the first time around. All cycles were done with a frontload and one dose per day.

I did 8. It was for the MAG-10 Challenge. I used 2 doses/day for 8 weeks straight. I started at 211.5 lbs. and finished at 225 lbs. I didn’t monitor bodyfat but I estimated I gained 1% bodyfat but I only ate ~500 cals above maintenance. I actually gained 8 lbs. I believe in the 10 days but then I got sick for ~2 weeks. In the end of my cycle I got sick again for another week. So, I thought it turned out pretty good.

My opinion about 1 dose/day vs. 2 doses/day is that they are close to equal. I noticed more acne with 2 doses and I always responded well with 1 dose/day as far as gains go. If there’s anything else I can help with let me know.

Did anyone notice signs of HPTA suppression when exceeding 2 weeks of Mag-10 use at a time? I mean, did your libido drop for awhile, or did your testicles shrink at all? I figure with the kind of results folks are getting, there’s gotta be some degree of suppression of natural T from prolonged (greater than 2 weeks) use.


The longest I’ve one is three wks/2dose everyday. My lbs went from 225 to 240. I ate +1000 cals a day trained twice a day for five days off 2 days. Strength went up and has stayed up, lost almost no strength. Weight did drop about 5lbs.

But to keep your gains, I believe you MUST continue to train at your new strength level and fight like hell to stay there. Its a war brother!

The last cycle was 2wks 1 dose, i didnt see any real gains but the pump and jacked-up feel was still there.