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6 Weeks of Hell!

OK, let me tell everyone Bill Phillips and Muscle Media ARE FULL OF IT!
I am 250lbs at 18-20% Bodyfat doing 3 protein & carb meals followed by 3 protein and fat meals (I train after meal 1)
I’m at 2-250g Protein daily 100-200g carbs and around 40g fat. (NEVER OVER 2000 CALORIES DAILY!)
I am on Thyroid, MD-6, 1g a week of Test, 10 D-bol a day!!!

And after 6 weeks of hell I can almost see my top 2 abs!
Summary: Fat loss takes time when done right! 12 weeks to abs is a joke (assuming you are over 15%bf)!!!
I think i am going to need like 30!!!

Eddy, without knowing anything else about you such as what your workout schedule is like, how you train, etc., I can tell you that you’re not even coming close to consuming enough food. Eat more and grow, then diet, or drop the juice and just diet and train; you’re basically wasting the test and dbol.

You are way off. Eddy take your time-just be patient.
I am at 270lbs and Bill Roberts designed a diet for me that is almost identical to yours.
Diet without drugs?! I think not! The test & d-bol allow you to cut your calories so low while maintaining muscle-I am at 2g a week of test though.

Assuming you train at least 3-4 times a week for 45min to an hour you just need to be patient, it doesnt come off over night (you didnt put it on overnight)

I don’t think the water retention is going to show you much progress in the slimming department. You know, forgive me if I am out of line here, but I am going to call bullshit on the cycle. Why do I feel like your not the type to have done 6 weeks of 1 gram per, plus 10 d-bol? All while on super restricted calories? Maybe I’m wrong, maybe you are the type to do that much test and d-bol while trying to cut.

I should state I am an advanced bodybuilder and most of you don’t need to go to these doses…
Well if you always use high doses like me (over 2g a week) and you go on a cutting cycle how will you maintain the muscle you have put on with 400mg of Primo a week? Well You wont because my size is from 2g a week (it is almost maintanence right now.) Bill Roberts agreed with me on this: If you build your physique on high doses of test you can’t maintain it on a low calorie diet while on Deca!

The water is easy to fight-I am just using T3 and 1 clomid a day. The clomid for me anyway as an anti estrogen seems to eliminate most of the water weight.

The fact is Pro’s use Test esters and Anadrol up to competition now days.

The key to building mass is your food. Your cutting aspect of your diet is way off. To build muscle you need food. Your roids are being pissed away and not working simply because your underfeeding and possibly over training the body.
For me, I can get fantastic results without the juice by doing my cardio 5 to 6 days,(run or bike for 1 hour per day. I eat upto 3500 calories when pumping on the muscle. Fat takes time to melt away. I am 3 years of hard core trainging with a pro coach 3 days per week. This year the fat has begun to drop. To me, it sounds like your looking for results too fast. Those Bodys in the magazine could be touched up, people that had muscle,gained some fat and then lost it. The picture of Chris the blond guy that was once fat and is now buffed is a perfect example. That guy is a sports trainer that let himself go (for eas?) and then worked off the temporary fat. He had muscle memory working on his side. Hey, I am not the worlds leading expert on this stuff, but I tried their diet when I first wanted to get cut just like you.
My last thought is if you look at what a power lifter eats as compared to a winner in the EAS contests, you will get some insight as to what your diet lacks. Good luck

The bottom line is it takes time. I think my points have been missed (which was this is a program designed by the MAN himself Bill Roberts.)

It takes time. If you have or had big love handles and lots of lower back fat when you started-assuming you have “normal” genetics I’d give it at LEAST 6 months-if not a whole year.

I find that keeping the carbs right at or just under 150g and hitting 200-250g protein daily really melts off the fat!
So try 3 meals with 50g carbs and 50-40g protein. On the other hand 2 meals with 25g carbs and 1 100g carb meal will probably fuck up hormones & slow the fat loss down,.

JW, I’m no expert with juice, so I’ll bow to your 270 pounds of expertise in this, especially if Bill Roberts has put this diet together for you. However, perhaps Eddy isn’t in your position of experience; he’s certainly not using your quantities of assistance. I was worried about how little food he was consuming, and that it’s not enough to even get much out of the steroid assistance. I’d be interested to hear in a few weeks how the diet continues, Eddy, if you stick with it.

Give it 20-25 weeks you will be amazed how you look after say 15-16 weeks.