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6 Weeks into TRT - Still Not Noticing Anything

6 Weeks into my TRT + HCG protocol. I would say that it seems if there have been any changes, they have been so subtle, that if someone told me what I’ve been injecting was placebo, I would believe them.

Is this normal? Reading the TRT timeline, I was expecting at least increased libido, better mood, less anxiety, better sleep. I can’t say I’ve noticed any of these. I will say that my SHBG was very high (117), while my free T was 7.5, so perhaps it takes longer to see results? Hoping to get a better idea of what to expect.

How much are you taking.

@maddog352002 - 200mg/ml Test cyp - .40ml 2x per week. HCG 400IU 2x per week.

Might as well get follow up labs, but I think you will need to increase the dose.

Im taking double your dose, and todays shot sent me into a crazy work mentality. I want to get home and work on my project car. Haven’t had that feeling in years. Im on the end of my 7th week, decided to drop the HCG and AI, and suddenly today I feel a little too energetic. So you could wait it til week 7-8 without making a change.

All this means is there might be more work ahead and we start with labs, because all it takes is levels not high enough or levels that are out of balance (estrogen dominance) to feel as if TRT isn’t working.

Ignore the term estrogen dominance above because it is nonsense.

6 weeks is still early.

Your test dose is a decent starting dose but there are some guys that don’t do well with hcg. Why are you taking it?

My estrogen was very low too (7.5), so I wouldn’t imagine estrogen dominance is occurring.

I’m taking HCG with the test because I wish to remain fertile. My next labs are scheduled in 6 weeks.

You are taking 320mg per week for TRT?

I’m taking .80ml of a 200mg/ml concentration of test cyp, and 800IU of HCG per week. These are split up into 2 doses, 3.5 days apart.

No. 160mg

Oh ok. you said ‘double his dose’. I think hes taking 160mg/wk also.

My mistake. Never mind what I said

I am in the same position 7 months into a good protocol. This may not apply to you, but typically the people who respond well to TRT do not have other systematic issues (like thyroid, adrenals, nutrition, etc). If you have ANY in-balance with thyroid that can contribute to issues in my experience. I am currently investigating treatment options.


@davidsherlockio I am being treated for my thyroid too. From what you say, perhaps this not being optimal is causing a delay in symptoms improving?

What thyroid protocol are you on and what medication?


I’m on 2 grains armour + 30mcg cytomel per day, currently.

I am willing to bet the T3 is spiking your SHBG too much, causing low free T and meaning you see no benefit from TRT. I am not your doctor, but I would consider dropping the cytomel and iterating up to 2.5/3.5 grains of Armour. Do you have recent full labs you can post and specifically your FT3/4 and rt3 labs, along with cortisol salvia if you have them?

You might get yourself into the hyperthyroidism range.

There were actually well designed studies done that studied the sensitivity and specificity of salivary cortisol to detect adrenal insufficiency. According to these studies salivary cortisol has a sensitivity and a specificity of only about 30 to 35% to detect AI - its basically useless test.

Same with rT3


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