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6 Weeks into TRT, Bloodwork

So I Started trt 6 weeks ago. I am on a dosage of 0.45ML test cypionate every Monday and Thursday (210MG vial). I take hcg every other day for 0.2ML, just because im worried about testicle shrinkage and keeping my fertility. I also take 0.25 anastrozole every other day. I just got my blood work back heres my results-

Testosterone, total - 2392
Free testosterone - 564
Estradiol- 48

Now that was wayyyyy higher then I thought it was going to be. When I started trt my total test was at 414, my free test was at 60 and my estradiol was at 20. Should I cut back my testosterone injection? and should I up my anastrozole because the estrogen is a little high. But I do feel amazing, great energy, libido thru the roof, lifting heavier and easier then I ever have, muscle looks to be coming in really good. Is it a risk to just keep everything where it is besides the estrogen which I would like to take down a little. any help would be great! thanks guys!!

Describe dosing in mgs, .45ml could be 85mg or 45mg twice weekly as vials come in 100-200mg strengths, big difference. I’m going to assume you’re injecting from a 200mg vial which would put you at 85mg twice weekly.

You need to cut it down to about 40-50mg twice weekly.

Hey thanks for responding, it is a 210MG vial. so if I was to cut it down to 40-50mg twice weekly, how much do I inject?

and the estrogen thing, should I just start taking 0.50 of a anastrozole tablet instead of 0.25? you think that would be ok? I just don’t want to tank my estrogen too much.

You should not need the AI after lowering the dosage. A few extra mg won’t matter, we’re talking about 5mg extra per injection.

YouTube is a great place to learn to inject T, I inject using 29G insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads.

Ok so I will try 50mg twice weekly, stop the ai and then get results in about 6 weeks and see how it looks then. Thanks for your help!

You’ll never require an AI, just so we’re clear. There are few men here would have those E2 levels with half that Total T.

Yea I don’t know what to think about AI anymore, Ive been going crazy, some people say you need it some say you don’t. the doctor told me to take but I told him I really don’t want to crash my estrogen completely, He originally wanted me to take 1mg EOD!!! I just said ok, but in the back of my head I wasn’t going to ever take that much. So I started taking .25 of a tablet and my estrogen is a little high still. So im guessing if I cut the test injection in half it should go down also without AI at all? also im a little confused on the dosage for the test injection, Im taking 0.45ML right now, how do I know how much 50mg is in the ML for the syringe? thanks!