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6 Weeks into Cycle, Adding Tren E for Last 5 Weeks


Cycle so far was d bol 30 mg daily 4 weeks
test e 500 mg weekly 2 shots started after 1 week on d bol
starting week 5 of test 2 today and i added 200 mg of tren e into shot which i plan on doing till end of cycle so test e 250 twice a week and tren e 200 mg twice a week just 2 make my gains more solid
has any1 ever finished off using tren e
i already put on about 8 kilo on this cycle didn lose any weight coming off d bol id like 2 get more veins on gains and harder 4 longer wen i come off
i will b running clomid 2 weeks after last pin
Stats 5 9
89 kilo
just turned 30
diet mostly on point had a bad weekend due 2 30th b day
back at it hard now and 5 litres water daily