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6 Weeks in Thailand Cycle


Greetings All,

30 Years.
10 Training Years just recently retired Rugby player.
Height 6-1.
Weight 210 @ Less than 10%
No AAS experience.

Currently Lifting with WSFSB. I alternate with that and German Volume Training. 12 weeks on each program then rotate.

I've got 6 1/2 weeks in Thailand coming up and thought it would be wise to enjoy some of the benefits the place has to offer.

6 Week Cycle
Week 1: 250mg Deca/ 250mg Test E
Novaldex 1-2 per day.

Week 2: 500mg Deca/500mg Test E
Novaldex 1-2 per day.

Week 3: 500mg Deca/500mg Test E
Novaldex 1-2 per day

Week 4: 500mg Deca/500mg Test E
Novaldex 1-2 per day

Week 5: 250mg Deca/250mg Test E
Novaldex 1-2 per day

Week 6: 250mg Deca/250mg Test E
Novaldex 1-2 per day

PCT - 50mg Clomid for 20 days after cycle.



Due to the long esthers, you will not start to feel/see anything before the 4th week. When I did my first Test E only cycle I only noticed strength increase at the beginning of week 5.

If you only have 6 weeks... try a Test Prop (EOD) cycle with D-bol?


yes, test prop and dbol would be a much better cycle.. something like..
week 1-6: 75-100mg prop ED
week 1-6: 50mg dbol ED

Or if you dont want to pin that often..
week 1-4 500mg test e/week.. frontloaded with 650mg 1st shot
week 1-6 50mg dbol ED

Test e stops at week 4 to allow for the long ester to clear.. do you have to start pct in week 7?


Load up while you're there (If you have the money). You can get just about anything over there.


Definitely agree with using a shorter esther. You'll be more than halfway through before the Test even starts to kick, and then only have a couple weeks to gain before you're tapering off. Not worthless, but not ideal by any means. Also, since you're doing such a short cycle, you might want to consider stacking an oral like DBol for the first 4 weeks, since that will give you immediate benefits.


What is the deal with Thailand, legal OTC or not?

I've read conflicting information. Some guys say they are cracking down over there and that you should play it on the safe side and acquire a prescription for a willing doc in country, others say that it's as simple as walking into a pharmacy and asking for the particular substance.


I'm not quite sure what it's like now, but I read William Llewellyn's "Ananbolics", 10th Edition (Great book by the way, highly recommend it to anybody who uses or is interested in AAS) that many of the most common and even some of the rarer drugs are readily available in Thailand.


The stories I hear out of Thailand are that it is over the counter, no questions asked. There are a certain amount of dodgy operators out there but I have a few friends who will be pointing me in the right direction.

I have also heard that they are cracking down but I think that is partly due to all these steroid companies on the internet operating out of Thailand. So from my understanding, what happens in Thailand is fine but when people start running a business out of Thailand, they crack down.

Assholes ruining it for everyone. I'll keep you guys posted when I get there anyway and let you know how it goes.


I was leaning towards the Deca/Test E as my brothers have done the same cycle and got fairly good results. I know they say, don't do something just because it worked for another but when it is your family, surely it starts taking a bit of the guess work away.

With that, one of my brothers used prop for a cycle and really didn't rate it as highly as the deca/test e cycle. Painful as hell to inject and had a few nasty sides.

PCT could be started 3 weeks after the cycle finishes. I don't think that will make too much difference.

Nice cycle you put there though. I will do a bit more research into shorter cycles with dianabol and prop too. Thanks for that.


The only think I know about Thailand and AAS is that they're available without a lot of shit to go through. Not trying to jack the thread, but I have a couple of quesitons:

1) Are they legit?
2) Do you just order them from Thailand or someone who operates out of there?
3) Any BS from customs?


  1. They are legit if you go to the right places. There are plenty of frauds out there from reports.
  2. I think a lot of those internet companies are based in Thailand as they can get them as easy as you like. I've never done it and don't know anyone that has. I am lucky enough to live close enough to Thailand to just drop in.
  3. I think there is plenty of BS from customs and I would only do it over there. Not worth the risk.


Brah, have you bought any AAS in thailand before? Im heading there soon but will be based in north eaast thailand in a fairly rural area and im trying to find out if steroids will be available in pharmacies there or if they are just in major tourist areas..?

And for your cycle test e and deca are poor choices, both take 4 weeks plus to really kick in so it will just be a waste. I'd definatly go for shorter esters, a prop and dbol cycle would be decent.


if your only gonna run a six week cycle use shorter esters test prop and dbol would be a good choice but if u really want to run deca u may want to consider its shorter acting form NPP(nandrolone phenylpropionate) not sure how well it would work for such a short cycle but I would imagine that itd be more effective than deca

Have fum in Thailand brah I went for 2 weeks while I was deployed to iraq and had a blast just wrap it up and watchout for the ladyboys

nolva is also a really poor choice for estrogen management on cycle use an ai like arimidex, aromasin or letrozole save the serms for pct.


I haven't bought any in Thailand before. You could just pick some up in Bangkok before you move on.

I'll have a look into prop and dbol. Do you have any experience with these or can you point me in the direction of some good resources on the net?