6 Weeks In... Progress to Date

Just wrapping up week six of Waterbury’s High Frequency System. I started the program having not worked out since college (~12 years) and the first week I had severe DOMS, barely able to move. Worked through the pain and have progressed. My diet has been much better, but it has not been super clean. Ive averaged 2400 calories over the six weeks with some meals that werent great and many days that were spot on. Ive had a few beers, a few cheat meals, but all in all Im pleased with how Ive eaten. My goal isnt thin and cut in a couple months, Im going after an overall lifestyle change that sees my get to where I need and living a lifestyle that I know I can stick to forever.

Anyways, here is how things are shaping up:

(bad part - all 6 rep set max)
squatted 130 (crappy smith half squats)
Bench 105 (smith)
Deads 145
standing military 95


squat 265 (ass to grass in the power rack)
bench 200 (power rack)
Deads 325
standing military 155

Weights still are poor but not as humiliating as when I started. Im seeing great gains each week and Im loving the gym. As for supplements, Im doing creatine, BCAA’s, and protein. My short term goals are to get to the weights I could lift in college. Long term (2-3 years) is to get my weight down to 220 and have PR’s in all lifts. Like I said, Im doing a slow transformation but the more I get into it the harder it is to stray on the diet side. I see the results and find myself evaluating everything before doing it…

Here is to the next couple weeks. Anyone that can suggest the next program to follow up on the WHFS Id appreciate it. Not sure what program to do next.


you lost weight and got stronger in EVERY important lift.
nice job man, id go with CT’s new BEAST training regime to further your progress. start a log.

Thats some bang-up progress my friend! Keep chuggin along.

Ask Phoenix_Theory for some advice, hes giving me some. Seems to be good so far.

Completed WHFS and decided to go with Waterbury’s SOB next. Completed the first two workouts and so far so good. I was sore after doing the 10x3 day with weights I couldnt even budge 7 weeks ago let alone do 10 sets of 3. This morning I did the 2 sets of 30, which in my mind I figured would be a breeze. Started with back squats, 10-15 reps flying through, and then I could feel the wind coming out and the weight feeling heavier. By the time I finished the first 30 I was breathing very hard and sweating like a pig. Did the next 30 and felt like I just did sprints. This was how the rest of the workout went. Ive never been so close to puking purely from lifting. I think I’m going to like this program.

I’m confused…what did you mean by “bad part - all 6 rep set max”? Are your first set of numbers 1 or 6 rep max? If the latter, why aren’t you listing your 1 rep max instead…since that’s what you seem to be listing for your “current” numbers.

They are all 6 rep max - both the starting and ending numbers. I have yet to do 1 RM.

That seems like a huge jump in just six weeks. Not only that, but the older lifts were on the smith machine…which would mean your free form would be lower. I don’t understand how your lifts could go up that much so quickly. Somethings just not adding up there…

He has trained previously, hence neural adaptation is quicker. If he trains his ass off he’ll approach his former level of conditioning much quicker than an untrained individual would reach the same level.

Nice work OP.

Thanks MC.

Digity - I’d agree they are big jumps, but it’s 100% accurate. I’ve busted ass and followed Waterbury’s WHFS program exactly prior to moving on to his SOB program. Honestly I was seeing nice gains every incremental session on same lifts. I was amazed, and it only motivated me more.

Tomorrow is workout day #3 of SOB and 2x30 of romanian deads has me thinking to have a bucket nearby just in case ;-). Funny thing is my wife was giving me a hard time telling me I need to do more cardio saying that just lifting isnt enough and I just laughed to myself…

Also, it was 8 weeks…I misstated in my original post. Noticed when I was entering my food / workout in fitday and then validating with the program log in excel.