6 Weeks In and I Still Can't Exceed 225 Front Squats - BDW Plan

I have really enjoyed the CT’s BDW for Natural Lifters. However, I just cant seem to get pass 225 raw front squat of the double rest-pause sets as described in the program.

Before this program I was doing heavy singles 8x1 of 285 and every now and then 295. I would like to hit a 315. When I hit my front squats I am always hitting at “olympic” depth or ATF and I am able to maintain tightness and form and knees out.

Since I have changed my workout to CT’s BDW program I started with 225 and I cant seem to stay tight and rep them out effectively when doing the double rest pause sets. First set is on average 4-5 reps, the second is 2 reps and the last set is 1 rep, on average. I end up rounding my back slightly and they become grinders.

Is this an indication of poor thoracic extension and upper back endurance. However, when I hit heavy singles of 295 this is not much of an issue unless I get to my last set, such as my eitht set.

I am 6 weeks in and I am still stuck with 225 front squat double rest pause sets with 15 sec rest in between. For those of you who are familiar with the program, you will understand the tempo and format of what I am describing.

I know this is not a strength program but all other compound exercises I am progressing with acceptable structural integrity of technique.

Any ideas here?

Have changed your form at all? Also, how long have you been doing this?
Sounds to me if your goal is 315 you need a different program. If it’s just a side goal along with your main goals then change how you train the squat and leave everything else the same