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6 Weeks Blood Results

Hi guys 6 weeks into sustanon 250 cycle. 500mg a week split into 3 pins…

Received my bloods today and was hoping for some feedback.

Pre cycle
Test 14nmol range 8.64 -29
Ostredial 51pmol range 41-159

6 weeks I

Test 127 nmol
Free test 4.4nmol range 0.2-0.62
Ostredial 212pmol
SHBG 35.6 nmol

I’m happy that test is up clearly things are working. However seeing me ostredial going up 4 times amount is concerning…

I’m not sure what is considered normal high when on cycle so cant comment. But I’m thinking of running 1mg adex a week from now.

Any advice be much appreciated guys

If you feel fine don’t fuck with it. Your body will raise estrogen levels in accordance to your testosterone levels. Be careful now that you know it’s high you don’t start looking for issues.


So hold off from the adex for now then? Despite the usual symptoms. Itchy nipples,bloat acne etc.

Itchy nipples isn’t a reason to take an AI and doesn’t mean gyno. Bloating can be minimized via diet but you’re going to retain some amount of water when using testosterone especially in the beginning when your hormones are thrown out-of-whack.


What @dextermorgan says is what I would do. Do not start at 1 mg dosing off you need it I would start at .25 mg.

Oh and if you do start an e2 control protocol I’d recommend getting e2 tested weekly to see how the ancillaries are effecting you. You might learn you need more or less.

A conservative approach to estrogen control would be adex .25mg twice per week.

Or you could go like 10mg Tamoxifen daily.

I’m not recommending, just showing conservative options for e2 control.

AI is a fire extinguisher: use it if you need it.

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Hi guys I’m planning on 16 weeks for this cycle all going well… as you can see my 6 weeks bloods above I was concerned e2 was high. Just to point out that measurement is around 56ish to those outside of UK. i haven’t changed anything from since, no adex no nova nothing most of you have advised against it…the left nipple/pec area still makes me paranoid as I can feel lots of small lumps within the pec and the nipple area.but equally I can also feel them higher up in pec too so not sure still on that way… I cant seem to find them on right side tho seems to ne just left…Anyway just for peace of mind was thinking running bloods again around week 10. That sound about right or is it to soon? Cheers guy’s

I’m starting. 25mg adex twice a week getting overly paranoid about things and keep finding symptoms that indicate high e2 levels aswell as conforming with bloods. What are your thoughts guys too soon or too late

Aside from your nipples, what other symptoms are you having?

Apart from the lumps and erect nipples, raised BP still, fatigue very tired, acne, water bloat and become breathless easy… I know that all sounds very negative but obviously there are positives too…

Any advice pal… I’m seriously freaking out can feel prob about 6 pea sized lumps and 1 that seems much larger…also the nipple looks different the areola is much bigger and different shape

Have you tried nolvadex yet? .25mg Adex twice a week won’t kill you, however If the nipple stuff is the main issue you could go the Nolva route.

I’m more concerned about the lumps tbh. Not started nolva as of yet. 1 tab nolva a day and .25 adex x2… also I notice people on here seem to advised e2 range around 30 but mine is 59ish lol

Also to add I do also have proviron on hand

If you read that it’s years old. My E2 on 200mg/week TRT is close to 80. An E2 of 59 isn’t high for being on cycle. An E2 of around 20-40 is normal range for someone with a total T level of 900 or less not on steroids. Be careful with Anastrozole it can make you feel like shit as well. Just use Nolva for the tits.

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59 is pretty damn good considering you’re taking 600mg test, although it really comes down to what your T levels are from that dosage.

Try Nolva first.

I’m taking 500mg week… my test is 127nmol not sure what coverts too. But I do no pre cycle was 14 so it’s good 9 times amount.

Sorry I must have gotten your post confused with another. I Wish i could give you more advice, I’ve never taken Sust and have no idea how it may differ.

I know that between weeks 5 and 6 my body has typically adjusted to the new “norm” and it gets better after that. But that’s just me, and on Test E.