6 Weeks Anadrol Then 4 Weeks Dbol/Tbol

I took anadrol for 5 weeks I missed a week in a 6 week span.i just started taking dbol and tnol.my buddy went from dbol to anadrol.im taking 30 mg dbol and 30 mg tbol I was taking 50-100 mg of anadrol before should I be worried on taking orals so long I got advice to take 15 mg dbol and 20 mg tbol on here and that seemed kinda low plus I did see research on other sites so I upped it to 30 for each should I try 20 mg dbol and 30mg tbol I’m worried about liver issues I was not taking liver supplements that much I’m taking the more now I’m taking tudca milk thistle and NAC.plus on other liver supplement with a combo of herbs called liver care.im getting a liver test soon to be safe.

I don’t think this is all that bad however I don’t like running orals as long as you are. Trashed my liver enzymes and lipid values. I figure the shorter that duration is the better.

How bad were your lipids on orals? Only takes around 7 days to trash lipids on orals.

One guy on another forum (years ago) posted bloods before + after using stanozolol for 1 week.

LDL doubled, HDL went down 50%+

Lipids almost went back to baseline within one week of abstinence (if I recall correctly, saw this a long time ago).

This was what put me off trying stanozolol. If I’m ever going to use oral AAS I want the best bang for my buck.

I tried anadrol late last year… For like… Seven days… At 25mg/day… No percieved side effects noted, was just curious as to whether it lived up to all the hype… It doesn’t

Liver enzymes were 3x upper range after 4 weeks cessation. HDL still down 20% from norm and LDL up about 30% from norm after same time period. I didn’t test while “on”.

Thanks guys :grinning: I appreciate the input

Yeah this was the first time running anadrol I’ve run dbol in the past alone with test and Tren and liked it more.gained 30 pounds.i ran anadrol and gained 12 pounds lost 7 didn’t seem that great dbol for the win

That wasn’t advice. It was just a response to the blanket statement that two orals shouldn’t be run together (in regards to minimizing risk). IMO, that blanket statement makes sense for most users, but lacks nuance. I think taking two orals in lower dosages can be less harmful with a better user experience if the dosages are lower on both. Using half the dose of dbol, and replacing it with a less toxic drug like tbol can make sense IMO.

I don’t think one should run orals for a long time period unless it is low dose and labs are being pulled.

With this topic, lots of blanket statements are made and not questions by many. I think nuance is important if one wishes to have better understanding.

What about 20 mg dbol 30 mg tbol.my dbol pills are 10 mg I suck at splitting up pills or should I do 30 mg dbol for 4 weeks than 30 tbol for 4 weeks I have only been taking the combo for 4 days so…

Or should I get more dbol and do 50 mg a day and save the tbol for next cycle