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6 Week Training Cycle Spreadsheet?


I've been following 5/3/1 for a while now and am seeing good results. I have now moved over to 6 week training cycles after reading Beyond 5/3/1 as I was finding the monthly deload rather unnecessary.I've been using Poteto's spreadsheet as quite frankly it is the best one I have found by far, however it only caters for the original 4 week cycles with monthly deloads.

I was wondering if anyone has modified this sheet to cater for 6 week cycles, or if anyone could point me in the direction another spreadsheet? I've trawled through Google without any luck, and I don't have the excel skills required to modify Poteto's spreadsheet.



Why would you need to modify it? Can’t you just not do the first deload…


In theory I could just ignore the deloads on the spreadsheet but the dates would then be wrong.


What difference do the dates make?


It’s just easier to keep track of things if the dates are correct.

I’ve found a workaround so no matter.