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6 Week to Superhero, 2-a-Day Nutrition?




So i’ve just started 6 week to superman and finished the second day, albeit slightly modified…to suit my lifestyle (work/family/etc) I’ve got into the habit of training in 2x 30min blocks, first is early am and the second at lunch time, so for the first two days I’ve done one complex in each session.
Got to say I love it so far with each complex being a challenge, but hopefully this modification won’t diminish the effectiveness of the program, would be good to hear anyone’s thoughts on that though?

Anyway the main reason for the post was to get some advice on nutrition whilst on this program.
I’m 30 years old, 5’11", 196lbs, 15% body fat and would appreciate any tips to get the most out of the 6 weeks, especially considering the split session. Please can anyone help recommend some cals/macros and some tips on timing around the 2 sessions?