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6-Week Test Results, High Estradiol

Total test is 1000 And estradiol is 77. I do t have too many symptoms so I’m not sure how concerned I should be. I’ve tried arimidex (sp?) and I did not react too well to it. I should of prefaces I am doing .3 cc (60 mg) Every 3rd day to create as much consistency as possible. Here are all my numbers.

What symptoms do you have?

Some people are sensitive to high and aromatize so much that it is worth adding in an AI. Of course the best thing would be to not have to use an AI for TRT but for some people it is an absolute most.

If you react bad to arimidex, then try aromasin. And if you are going to try it, than start low and make sure to get e2 bloods every 2 weeks to see if you are taking the right amount of AI.

That’s the fhing I can’t really pinpoint any symptoms per se, I’ve noticed a bit of moodiness and the sex drive is hit or miss

Are you more emotional, like can you start to tear up watching sad movies?

Are your nipples sensitive or look puffy?

Do you have a sex drive but having a little harder time getting it up or keeping it up?

Is your skin very oily?

Those are the main symptoms I have when my e2 is too high

ED is alway there for me. Many times I have no issues and many times I do. I’m 39 and the last 5 years has been a rollercoaster in that area. I’ve tried hypnotherapy, therapy, and everything in between. I haven’t noticed the others you mentioned. What’s hard about estradiol and from my understanding it can be high one day and next minute it can go down so one snapshot is not really

Are you watching porn a lot?

Some men (many more than what most people think) gets porn induced ED which goes away after quitting porn.

If you are worried about trying an AI, than lower your dose a little and see if you feel better.

I guess that’s what is perplexing to me, I have some small things but for as high as it is, I wonder if I should do anything or continue this protocol another 6 weeks and check in then. Maybe this is just a beginning factor and eventually it will come down a bit as my body continues to adjust.

E2 is not going to fluctuate as much as you might think, it goes up and down with available free testosterone levels. Running that E2 is not an issue if you are symptom free. If ED was a thing before TRT, and isn’t particularly different with TRT, then it is unlikely to be E2 related or otherwise TRT related. If you had no issues before and do now, or in particular you can pinpoint that you have it at certain specific times and labs show a correlation - then you give the E2 a hard look.

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If you have no high e2 symptoms then this e2 is not an issue. What is your SHBG?
How is your libido compared to pre TRT?

What is that? Apparently that wasn’t part of the panel I had. I posted all of my numbers in the first post. My libido before was nill. I saw a really nice jump early on when I started 7-8 weeks ago and then it started to flat line again before coming back every 3-4 days.

Makes sense and my doc said pretty much the same thing.

SHBG is the most important reading when it comes to TRT and is highly necessary in all blood tests
You may need lower frequency of injections depending on SHBG. From your complains this is what it looks to me

This idea needs to go away. SHBG is controlled in large part by androgen levels, it’s a moving target, and shouldn’t be the basis for for much of anything.


Forget about estrogen.


Your T is way higher than you could achieve without exogenous test being introduced. But it’s at that number because you feel good with it at that number. The days of treating trt solely by the numbers is thankfully gone. Most good docs go by how you feel instead.

I think everyone worries way too much about E2. If you have no symptoms you should not worry about it. My point is stop worrying about the numbers. Worry about how you feel.

Both on cycle and while in between and on trt, my e2 ranges from 21 to 80 and the only issues I’ve ever had was when I went below 15 after using too much a-dex.

The ED issue is probably partly or wholly in your head. Get daily use cialis (the generic) and stop worrying about that. You can get a coupon code on Good RX app and it will cost under $40 a month. The other plus is better pumps in the gym.

This is just my .02 from years of all the issues you are talking about.

I can argue about that. It is very different if you start TRT with 15 SHBG or 80. It does not move so much.
And it is practically the testosterone storage

It IS the androgen storage. But, it goes up with low androgen levels and down with higher androgen levels, outside of other complicating conditions. It would be normal to have high SHBG simply from having low test, and it would change substantially on TRT. SHBG actually has TWO half-lives, and the first one is only a few minutes, so it’s a silly yardstick.

Thats true but far not only the androgens influence SHBG. We know at least a few other factors that influence it like insulin resistance, fatty liver and basically all kinds of liver conditions but the science does not know yet all factors that influence it.

Some people even on relatively high TRT dosages remain with high shbg and other people who are in perfect shape body fat percentage etc have it in the teens.

If you have no negative symptoms stop looking to manufacture issues. The body knows what it’s doing. Testosterone is not a foreign new hormone. It’s bio identical and the human body know how to convert it properly to dht and estrogen. Time and patience. The higher the T the higher the E2. And at some point it actually stops increasing. Bodybuilders with levels of 3000-10000 don’t have matching E2. Like 300+ E2. Probably that’s why they suffer more side effects due to LOW corresponding E2.


And when they add AI to this it totally goes down the toilet