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6 Week Test P/Mast P Cycle Critique


Just wanted to lay this out and get some feedback before I go in again.

Body Comp Stats:5-10,228lbs,BF:20%
Lift Stats: Squat:530,Dead:405,Bench 340
Trng History: Strength training and athletics since 17.
Previous AAS: 10wk TE@500mg/wk,500iu HCG/w,.250mg Adex EOD - Aug-early Oct 2014. PCT: Nolva 40/40/20/20 protocol.
Nutrition: Mostly lean meats like salmon, chicken, beef and pork,w/limited carbs.

Planned Cycle: 6wks TP/MP Blend @800mg/wk, 500iu HCG/wk,.250mg adex, EOD, 12mg Albuterol ED, 4mg PWO
PCT: Nolva 40/40/20/20
AAS: Test P/Mast P Blend dosed at 100mg each, 200mg total per ml

I also have on hand 20ml Test P to possibly add on to make 1g/wk. I got some good gains from the last cycle at 500mg/wk. Will 1g be an over-kill for a second cycle? Appreciate the input.



yeah 1g is a bit much for a second cycle. The 1st option you laid out is really good.

Save the high test for cycle number 3


Thanks for the input yogi! I kinda figured it would be from reading some of the advise from the vets on here. I was contemplating doing TNT cycle for the 3rd cycle at a rate of 200 TP/600 Tren Ace/200 Mast P per week. What do you think? Oh and of course I will have caber. Since the Test P will be at a low volume, will I need the adex, if so, how much and how often? Thanks.


0.25 eod for the adex mate, but get cycle number 2 out the way first! Haha


Ok,thanks. Oh yeah, got to get to the second one first. Hard not to think about the gains from the TNT Cycle! I’ll be starting my second cycle next Monday. Looking to get some lean mass out of this one!