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6-Week Plan/Critique



To make a very long story short, about a year ago I took hold of my health. Ive lost 115 pounds in a year, and have gotten to 175 down from 290.

I am now a smaller rendition of my former self. Still the gut, and man boobs. I have gotten my bf% to roughly 20%, down from what I suspect was well into the 30's or above.

Spring Break is approaching, 6 weeks to be exact. I turn 21 a week before spring break, so needless to say, I want to party hard legally, but more importantly, much more in fact, I want a physique I can be proud of when me and the crew hit the beach.

So, here is my proposed 6 week plan to shed as much bodyfat as I can. If the plan fails, I will be no worse off, but I desperately want to celebrate break without my shirt, and be proud of whats showing. So, heres the skinny...


Basic Meal Template

Meal 1
1.25 Cups Egg White
1 Cup Spinach

Workout Shake
25g CHO (Dextrose/Malto)
12g PRO (Whey)
5g Creatine
(Split into 2 drinks, pre/post)

Meal 2
5oz Tuna
1 Cup Spinach/2Tbl Dressing

Meal 3
4oz Ground Turkey
1 Can Green Beans

Meal 4
4oz Lean Beef
1 Cup Spinach/2Tblsp Dressing

Meal 5
8oz Ground Chicken
1 Can Green Beans

Meal 6
? Cup Cottage Cheese
1 Scoop Protein Plus
1 Cup Spinach

This comes out to roughly 1500Kcal.
198g PRO
48g Fat
62g CHO

The meals follows Berardi's 10 Habits. If for some reason I lose weight too rapidly I will up calories by 200/week in the form of CHO.

I also plan to overfeed every 7th day.


Im currently using Waterburys "Total Body Training" but find it a hair too intense given my caloric defecit.

If I dont have the energy to complete this, I will use the Fat Loss Program in Joel Marions "School Days: Fat Loss" article found at ruggedmag.


Universal M.Stak

I think the M.Stack will help diminish loss of LBM, and the use of redline is just an energy/metabolic boost. I have read some "iffy" reviews of it, so if I find it gives me jitters or shakes, I will use Lipo6 or HOT-ROX (Which should further help maintain LBM)

Basically, I know this isnt "perfect" as I have limited functional knowledge of what Im doing. So, before I start this on Monday, I wanted to get you guys input.

My goal is lose at least 12-15lbs of bodyfat, which should put me at about 16ish bf% ( I think my math is right).

Im here to learn all I can to make this plan better and more effective. I dont claim to know much, so if somehow this plan is totally a bust, dont flame me, because I really am here to get it right.

I know this was a read, but your input is so greatly appreciated. I will be sure to post before/after pics. Thanks guys!!!



If you have lost 115 lbs in one year which equates on average to 2.21 lbs per week, what is the need for the fuss about losing another 12-15 lbs ? HAs your initial (ok year long) weight loss stopped and have you examined why ?

I'm not sure that kind of weight loss is particularly healthy actually long term due to stuff like bone demineralisation and general strain on the endocrine system. Maybe I sound like an old man giving you a lecture I don't know. Sure about 2lbs a week weight loss might be ok, but for a steady year, I don't know.

If I was you, rather than try and lose weight through dietary manipulation, incoprorate more fact burning activity to induce lypolysis. that way the weight won't get back on so fast, because these things happen. Building of more muscle also would help because obviously the extra muscle mass means you burn more calories. If you have a gut and 'man boobs' you are unlikely to lose them in 6 weeks.

You weight loss is admirable but you need a little more direction. Just a thought.



Thanks for the quick input. I think in many ways you are right. Basically, the goal comes down to vanity. I was obese my entire life, and finally I have started taking some shape, albeit not in the areas I want (pecs specifically).

I guess the goal is purely to be able to enjoy my spring break as much as possible, and be able to go the beach without wearing a Tank top.



Well do you want to be just lean or do you want to have muscle and be lean ?


Oh yea, I think its important to mention. I started on Atkins, basically I didnt know my head from a hole in the wall when I started. So, I experienced dramatic weightloss at first. I hit several plateaus, I remember however losing like 7-8 pounds a week for the first few weeks. Mostly water Im sure, but probably due largely too to the dramatic shift in my diet (going from being a carb glutton to being mostly protein)



I think this may help.