6 Week Meet Peaking Progression

Doing my first meet on March 23rd. What is a good 6 week progression I can follow? The 6th is the week of the meet.

For reference I’m aiming to hit a 455 squat, 320 bench, and 605 deadlift.

Depends on what you’re doing now in my opinion. Peaking programs are a gimmick for the most part. Get on a system like 531 or Conjugate or something similar.

Depends entirely on how you’ve been programming.

But 4 weeks out Reverse band what you’d like for your 3rd, 3 weeks, 88-92% of what you want for your third, 2 weeks out 3x3 60%, week of meet 1 set of 3 at 30%


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What are your current best numbers?

450, 315, 600

In which case youll probably be fine just making sure you’re well rested going into the meet and pick your attempts intelligently.

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How did you peak for your previous meets?

A lot of people do heavy singles the last bit, otherwise you would want to at least do some heavy doubles. Between now and then oyu just need to gradually increase the weight. Look up Greg Nuckols’ article “Tapering and Peaking: Why and How”.

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Did you just recently set those PRs or what? If you do things properly and aren’t cutting weight you might be able to get more than 5lbs on each lift.

I was hoping you were going to get an answer on this. I am looking at one for Mar 23 too.

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You can’t get much of an answer with so little information, and even then what do you expect? Someone to write out a customized program? Reduce volume, increase weight, that’s the basic idea and the details will depend on what you are alrady doing.

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Honestly just curious. I have read several different approaches. Just wanting to learn.

As with everything “it depends”

Depends on

  • The past 12+ weeks of train
  • Recovery
  • Individual lifter
  • Etc

For example what if Lifter A can squat and bench twice a week but can only deadlift once every 3rd week.

Without knowing that how can you advise how to prep for a meet?

What if someone has a bum left shoulder that only allows for 1 good hard full ROM press? That person could in theory still PR on the platform but would have to do so on their opener.

Some people do circa max… but that requires a lot of knowledge to setup and a shit ton of recovery

Plan out where you want to be in 2-5 years. Use meets as a way to gauge progress. Train for meets in 12-20 week “cycles”.


Those were from October.

I don’t know what you did between then and now but I would expect more progress than that.

Thank you for the explanation. That makes sense. I wasn’t thinking about along those lines. Now I have a better understanding of it.
I just don’t know if I am ready.

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We never are :slight_smile:
From a simplistic viewpoint do what I suggested above.

Shoot for a near heaviest attempt 4 weeks out. Next week taper down to 88-92% of what you hit the week before. Then 2 weeks out 3x3 60%, 2 weeks 1 set of 3 at 30% and some banded pump work for triceps/biceps/shoulders/quads/hamstrings/lowerback

Essentially for most people you go really heavy, then dial it back, go into the meet and try for some attempts.

Go to eliteFTS and check out Swede burn’s meet attempt selection, it’s called: Powerlifting Meet Manual (with Formula for Selecting Attempts)

Has some solid advice in it for attempt selection, plus other goodies.

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Oh okay! I kinda got it bassakwards this go around, but still salvageable. I am thinking the first one will be mostly a learning experience and I will just be happy to be there.

I really appreciate all your help! Thank you for eliteFTS info too!

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Looking forward to seeing how it goes :slight_smile:

Thanks! I thought I had screwed things around, I rerun my first week of the last cycle. It will actually work out to run the 2nd and 3rd week, then test maxes, and follow up with what you suggested. Thanks again!

Use that test week as what I say is 4 weeks out.

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