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6 Week Follow Up Bloodwork with TRT

I recently got follow up blood work after 6 weeks on TRT. I am in the process of switching to defy medical as my current doctors office is heavily pushing me to take an AI, and the blood work they do is not sufficient.

Before I started TRT they only tested my total T and PSA. Which still qualified me for TRT but they did not look into anything else. For this among other reasons it feels like my current clinic is just a T mil.

Anyways my results just came back and my total is over 850 from the original 300, and my e2 is 51. They told me that my e2 is getting too high and want me to take an AI to bring it back down. I have no plans of taking an ai and they are okay if I do not.

I was prescribed 0.8 ml of testosterone cyponaite a week which I believe translates to roughly 160 mg, and i am also on 500 units of HCG. They told me that my estrogen is going to sky rocket if I inject any higher of testosterone, and that it is going to continue to climb from its current number as well.

Wondering what people’s thoughts are on all of this. Should I try and get off HCG since I am not taking an AI? I believe I am at the lowest effective dose you can prescribe already. If I want to feel a bit better by getting my T a bit higher will that skyrocket my E2 as well?

All in all I feel a lot better then before treatment and like I’m getting things dialed in pretty well over all. So don’t have much complaints personally. Just don’t want to raise my e2 any higher then it currently is.

There is no reason to expect your E2 will go any higher after 6 weeks. It will likely go down little in a year or so all by itself.

Yeah I thought that was odd. They told me it’s going to rise only higher from here, and pushing the AI on me pretty hard. They prescribed it in the beginning without even checking my E2 levels or how i respond to treatment.

Tell them to get bent. An AI won’t do you any favours at that E2, it would likely just drive it too low and cause you problems.

With testosterone, if your goal is to feel good, more isn’t always better. Too much Test and your body starts to make E2, which will counter the effects of Test. I am new here so I am not commenting on your specific numbers, I’ll leave that to the more experienced members.

Better bloods and a new doctor would probably be a good start.

I am in the process of switching to Defy medical which is not only cheaper but much more comprehensive and helpful. I wanted to get my levels at least to 1000, though I am already pretty close to that. I thought it would be nice for the added muscle building benefits of having a safely high upper limit of testosterone. Without going into super-physiological doses. I also know that the HCG raises SHBG which will lower my total free t, as well as raising my estrogen over all. I am kind of annoyed they didn’t check my free t with the follow up test too. For as much as I am paying a month they really don’t provide me much with the blood work.

Yeah I figured that as well. I feel fine, they told me I should be experiencing high E2 symptoms with my current levels but I don’t have any mood problems, water bloating, or libido issues.

Why are you taking hCG? Taking hCG does not mandate an aromatase inhibitor.

Not necessarily, and if it does, so what? Unless you are having high E2 side effects, I’d leave it alone.

I know of guys with E2 levels over 100 who do just fine.

I’m taking hcg to persevere fertility and for the benefits of mimicing LH for other lh receptors in the body such as the brain.

I’d ideally like to keep e2 as on a lower ish end without an ai. And keep free t high while also avoiding excessive shbg. This is all for trt purposes after all. Not trying to run light roid cycles. I just want to maximize my TRT for the most benefits it can offer.

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