6 Week Epi Cycle, Thoughts?

Hey Guys,

First time posting in this forum…seems to have very good knowledge and one of the very few to not take the gag out of people asking for help.

Thought i’de introduce my specifics:
Age is 25 and have 5 years lifting experience…3 years serious and the first 2 just learning about the sport.
Current lifts stand at PR’s of:

  • Deadlift 180kg @ 6 reps
  • Squat 140kg @ 6 Reps (knees are not in the best condition)
  • Bench 120Kg @ 6 Reps (This is at an incline)

Cycle History:
2 H-Drol Cycles (4 weeks and 6 weeks) and now looking to run Epi for 6 weeks…goals are to gain some quality dry gains while not increasing body fat.

Proposed Cycle:

Epi 30/30/30/30/30/30

Nolva 20/20/10/10
Clomid 100/50/25
Primodial Performance TRS???

Support Supps
CEL Cycle Assist
PP Liver Juice

Usual Supps:
Multi Vitamin
Taurine on hand if needed
Fish Oils
Waxy Maize

I am interested in Epi as its probably the next step from H-drol and given its anti estro effects.

I considered running Bold for the first 3 weeks @600mg but also would appreciate thoguths on this.

Any help appreciated guys…


Sorry forgot to mention height and weight
5’7" at 83 kg with approx 13%…
Just come off a slight dieting regime to trim the belly a tad…