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6 Week Doubled Band Experiment

I am going to be documenting my results for the next 6 weeks of doubled looped band training similar to the Joe Average system.

The first week of June '04 I benched a PR of 345 raw and with a pause. Within the prior couple of months I had hit PR’s in Squat (445) and Deadlift (435) all raw: light knee wraps in the squat and a belt in all lifts but no shirts, suits or any illegal form breaks. I had been around 205 with 19.0% bodyfat for a couple of years consistently before this, and although I had gotten stronger, my body comp and weight had stayed constant.

On July 2, I had a complete ACL tear and sprained several other ligaments, and had a small reparable meniscus tear. I had surgery on July 16.

I started working out as possible the next day, although walking around on crutches was pretty tough.

I had no weight bearing on the right leg for 6 weeks. It shrunk about 2 inches.

For 4 1/2 months I did what I could. Some heavy seated overhead lifts, pullups, and Step-ups gradually increasing ROM and load-but nothing really heavy. Also did reverse hypers without weight.

At 4 1/2 months I had enough leg flexibility and stability to bench and deadlift.

I was 198.2 with 18.2% bodyfat. After 2 weeks I added doubled bands to my workout and used them for the last 4 weeks. I also did HIIT but for no more than 15 minutes at a time.

After 6 weeks I am basically back to where I was post surgery except better in body comp. and haven’t squatted heavy yet.

I benched 345 with a pause, and deadlifted 405 easy and missed 435 at the knees. Now I am 208.6 with 16.3% bodyfat…

Post injury
Weight 205
% BF 19.0
Bench max: 345
Squat max: 445
Dead max: 435

Weight 208.6
% BF 16.3
Bench: 345
Squat: ?
Dead: 405+

I am 5-8 and will turn 34 in March.

I will be using heavy doubled band training and plan on using short HIIT workouts with an airdyne cycle, or possibly running.

I bought a set of Iron Woody’s bands. I had a homemade set that worked well, but put an upper limit on what I could do. I don’t plan on using any supplements during this 6 week period.

I’m not really LOOKING for comments or discussion here, although it would be fine. I just want to post where I am
Maybe 2-3 times and then on Feb 20th after I test myself again.

I appreciate that you mentioned the joeaverage system, but if you don’t follow the template then it isn’t JA, so if you don’t get the results you are looking for, don’t blame the system.
Bands can do wonder’s for anyone’s strength, but you have to set up a proper rotation and properly alternate between max effort and dynamic work.
I’ll shoot TC an e-mail, maybe he’ll let me post my log so that you can get an idea of what I mean, I just did day 1 cycle 3 yesterday so I’m just about at the half way mark of my current cycle.