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6 Week Cycle


After some planning and lag time in getting it all together, it's time to go. If anyone has some other ideas, let me know.

Week 1 1000mg test cyp front
350mg tren base
40 mg ed anavar

Weeks 2-4 500mg test cyp
350mg tren
40 mg ed var

Weeks 5-6 500mg test prop
350mg tren
40 mg ed var

Luqidex is on hand for during the cycle, clomid and nova to come off. Will prob play with the doses, and am undecided on what protocol will be used. Thanks for the input!


Why use a long ester like test cyp? Since it's only a 6 week cycle, why not use test prop all the way through?

I'm not knocking your cycle, I am just curious.


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Well, I didn't really want to have to get hit ed or eod for 6 weeks. I could go 3 and 3 if I have to. It's a good point, I figured that I might be okay with cyp as opposed to enth. Would 3 and 3 be any better? Thanks for the input.


run prop throughout.....or..... extend the cyp to 6 weeks and run prop 7-9, with pct starting on week 10.


Yes everyone is correct. With cypionate - the ester is very close to enathate and it will take about 1 month for levels in your body to fall sufficiently for pct following your last injection.

As for the liquidex, I recomend you take it regularly - at least .5 of a mg each day to ensure estrogen levels stay within physiological levels, as estrogen will cause greater suppression at the testicular level and harm your pct. If this dose is unsufficient, the titrate it to effect.

It is not a requirment to have supraphysiological levels of estrogen in your body for growth. If that was the case all women would have big muscles.


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I wouldn't do it myself, but if youare that opposed to ed sticks, you can go eod with the prop and cut your injections in half.

Like I said, I wouldn't do that as I am leary of sides using prop eod. But there are a bunch of guys that have no problems injecting prop eod.

I like the idea of just extending the cycle for 3 weeks, and running the cyp first and finishing with the prop.

And I second what P-22 says about the A-dex. At the very least .5mg eod. Just my opinion - so take that and 5 bucks and get yourself a latte at Starbucks.


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Thanks for all the good input guys. I'm torn now, as I wanted to try a shorter cycle and see how it worked for me. I am in 100% agreement with you all on the adex, will prob go with start with .5mg/ed and see how i feel, then maybe up it. So, at this point I will either go with the 6 week cyp and extend 3 more with prop, or just run a 6 week prop and go with eod sticks. If anyone has other ideas, let me know. Thanks again.



if shorter is what you really want to try, keep it around 3-4 weeks. prop, tren, var....hell i'd even swap the var for d-bol....prop,tren,d-bol would have great synergy. EOD will be fine. ED would be better.

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