6-Week Cycle. How Long to Pass Drug Test?

I plan on running a 6 week cycle of Winstrol and Dermacrine starting in about a week. For PCT i will use Nolvadex. How long would it take for me to be able to pass a drug test that tests for anabolics? I know winstrol has a short half life, not sure about the Nolvadex and Dermacrine. Thanks!

Depends who’s doing the testing. Metabolites stick around much longer than the half life of a drug. The best answer is to not cheat and then you can’t get busted for cheating. Absent that you’re rolling the dice. What level of sort are we talking here?

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Anyone who has to ask strangers online how to cheat isn’t at a high level of anything they are doing.


They’re gone by mid-cycle. Go for it, no one catch you.


Winny metabolites stick around for approximately 944324234.54381759734985798 minutes


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I believe when ever there is an untested version of a sport or hobby a person should not use drugs in the tested version. That’s just sad and pathetic.

Now ofcourse there is many sports or events where there is only tested they don’t have untested versions (NFL, MLB, Olympics etc). In this case the majority of the people already use PEDs. So I’m all for it juice away! But I guarantee none of those guys are here asking for help on how to beat drug test.


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