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6 Week Cycle for First?


Hello everyone, I'm a 23 year old from NYC. I've been training for about 3 years now. Training has been consistent but dieting was never great until a year ago. Long story short, I've dropped down from 300+Lbs to my current weight of 205. I'm going to loose 20 more lbs before considering my first bulk. At this point I feel like I will be at my ideal weight of 185(15-18%bf) by mid December. Once I get there, I plan on starting very very clean bulk upping my calories slowly for about two months and figuring out my maintenance calories. Once this is all done, I'm considering my first cycle which is the purpose/question of this post.

The cycle(s) I'm considering is actually a set of three 6-week cycles rather than a standard 12 week. I got the idea from tom prince who in the offseason never did more than 6 week cycle. I personally feel that shutting down my system for 6 weeks is less risky than the standard 12 week cycle. I also feel that PCT and keeping 6 week gains will be a lot easier than keeping gains of a longer cycle. Has anybody tried a method similar to this?

My goals with the first two cycles are to gain around 6-8 lbs as lean as possible! I will keep cardio and eat ultra clean just above maitenance to assure this. On the third cycle depending on how lean I am, I'm aiming to gain at least 8-10 lbs and focus on increasing strenght, I will probably cut the cardio out if I feel like the amount of fat gains are under control. I still have a very long time untill the time comes but I fiugred I'd stop lurking, and start asking questions and interacting. For such short cycles, what kind of pct protocal would you guys recomend?

Cycle 1: 6-weeks of Test E only, 300mg a week.
Cycle 2: 6-weeks of Test E only, 500mg a week.
Cycle 3: 6-weeks of Test E 750mg, and Tren(not sure on the dosage yet, any suggestions?).

time in between cycles will be 6-8 weeks


For 6 weeks cycles, while test E is ok to use, prop is better.

I'd recommend prop for 6 weeks at 600+ mg. You do not need to increase the dosage every time you do a new cycle.

Read the SERM/AI sticky.

This post looks very familiar with a similar username also. Strange.


x2 on the not upping dosages as you progress. You'll know when/if you need to up the dosages, there is no set in stone method.

I would also switch to Test Prop. 6 weeks of ED pinning won't be bad, I promise, especially if you get good prop that isn't too painful. I wouldn't even do 6 weeks with Test-E, although some may disagree.

Just because you were once fat doesn't mean you will get fat again. If you're going to spend hundreds of dollars on drugs and food, make sure you aren't short-changing yourself by not eating enough because you were too worried about a little bit of fat.

Read up on SERMs and AIs.


I do something similar to this regularly.. however you should be aware that it is unlikely Tom prince actually does just 6 weeks then recovers as you have written (thats if what you even read is remotely true - these things are notoriously false) but simply has a break (cruise) between cycles of low dose androgens (possibly as high as 500mg or so [as i know many do with this type of method]) before switching to high dose again for another period (6 weeks in this case).
This is a little similar to what Rea does with Toney Freeman (which was written BY Toney Freeman IN his trainers [Rea] book.)

Not similar to what you have written below.. but similar to what i do or what is in my mind.. useful to you i know.. :wink:

It is something i have written about in some detail on this site - god knows what threads and not under this account but ' Brook'.

Why? Why aim so low? The dose is low too.. why?

Not sure what you mean by 'ultra clean' but i am assuming it is just clean :wink:

Again, 6 weeks isn't THAT short.. PCT should be as normal - SERM for 3-4 weeks after AAS levels drop below inhibitive levels.

The cycles are a bit shit. There is no need to step-load the dosages like that.
Also you will be damn lucky to recover in 6 weeks using Enanthate estered T and you probably will not recover in full after the second cycle at all.


Thanks guys! Like I said, this will be my first cycle, that is why I was so conservative on the dosages. I set the first dosages so low to see how I would react to the test....Thanks for the input about the prop, but for what reason do you think is better to use prop rather than E, or even test C?........and thanks J-J for your post, it was very helpful, I actually did plan on following a normal pct protocal but I was just wonderng if it was necessary for what I belived was a "short" cycle. About tom's 6 week cycle I read a post written by him in another forum, he stated that in the off season he only did 6 week cycles of test only.


Prop would be better because of its shorter half life. Your test levels would increase quicker than in comparison to enth or cyp. IN addition, you will not have to wait as long following your last injection to start your nolva PCT, which means less suppression and easier recovery. for longer cycles, enth or cyp would be more acceptable.


It would make more sense to just see how you react on 600-700mg/wk of prop. If you run 300mg/wk you will need an AI just in case anyway (and should use it). 600-700 will certainly require an AI an will produce much better results than 300mg/wk. If you go bald, you go bald. The difference in those doses won't matter much. The shorter the cycle the higher the recommended dose. It's not to say that long cycle should be done with low dose, just that since the androgens will only be in your system for a short time it is best to get the most benefit while they're floating around.

The other poster explained why short esters allow for quicker recovery. And for someone looking to do a few cycles close together, the quicker you can start recovery the better chance you give yourself of actually recovering. Otherwise you run the risk of supressing yourself for ~28 weeks.


Thanks guys, I definately have my share of homework to do. But test prop seems to be my best choice for the type of cycle I want to do. Does anybody know what brand name of Test Prop I can find in Mexico?....or what is a good brand of prop in general?


Prop is always better 375mg divided into 2 shots per week acts quick is perfectly fine for a beginner my high school friend who was afraid of needles but after trying it he got exited the 2 week of use after 6 weeks he gained about 15 pounds of that short cycle and kept 10 solid muscle in just 6 weeks. My 1st cycle (15 years ago) was prop also but mine was 8 weeks I gained 25 pounds in total kept 20 solid pounds after pct but everyone is different and reacts different to good gear, everyone is free to use what they feel better for their body type I tell you this because I understood clearly when he tried to use test cypionate the 2nd cycle he got nasty acne from it. But I can run cypionate feel incredible good no sides at all bro! Everyone reacts different no one knows the exact answer for each person. You need to experiment for yourself