6 Week Blood Results

Hey everyone. Just got my week 6 trt blood work in.

5’ 9"
222 lbs
35" waist

If I had to estimate body fat I’d be at about 20% comparing from previous results. Blood pressure has been a steady 117/70. I work out 4 times a week taking 6g of fish oil daily. Diet has been low carb for 9 weeks with no cheat meals in between.

My protocol is 200mg /week splitting injections twice a week With hcg and ai.

Total test - 1332
Free test - 38.8
E2 - 47
SHBG - 15.7
TSH - 5,47
T4 - 5.7
T3 - 2.8

Pre trt bloods are available.

E2 is a bit high, but its because I skipped 1 week of ai as I crashed my e2 some week prior. Currently back on 1mg /week splitting e3d day after injections.

I’ve been supplementing iodine at 50mcg and selenium at 400mcg per day, but tsh is still low. I have access to t3 and t4. Can this help?

I’m seeing results in the gym and occasionally get morning wood, but libido isn’t what it was like my first two weeks. Thinking of adding 50mg of proviron.

Feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

It appears no thought process went into your TRT protocol, SHBG was never considered. Your protocol is to blame for lack of libido and I expect it to woren as more time passes. Your SHBG is low and this protocol is going to produce very high free estrogen and this is the reason for low libido. Free T is converted to estrogen and so excess Free T is going to produce high estrogen.

Typically low SHBG men find success on more frequent smaller doses, EOD or everyday dosing. My SHBG is on the lower end about the same as yours and didn’t start experiencing libido until I started injecting EOD and ED dosing produced the highest libido.

TSH is very high do to supplementing iodine which renders TSH useless for diagnostic purposes. Your T4 is very low and suggesting hypothyroidism which iodine cannot fix. No Reverse T3 testing which can block Free T3.

What you’re doing by taking HCG is increasing estrogen, now you take the AI to combat high estrogen and now estrogen is crushed, so how about you step off this high → low E2 rollercoaster.

You’ll never find success on this protocol, TRT in isolation is your only shot at normal libido.

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@systemlord high free estrogen is the reason for low libido? Where do you guys come up with this stuff? It’s not E2! Explain how it is that I know guys with TRIPLE the E2 this guy has? His is 47 and mine is 45 and a feel like I can smash through drywall with my erections.

It’s not E2. You guys need to get this utter nonsense out of your heads because you’re giving poor advice to guys who are already desperate for help.

Are you taking HCG because you need to be fertile right NOW? If not, ditch it. Most definitly ditch the AI and stop being concerned with E2.

Jesus Christ… I thought I was hard headed being Italian
I’ve got nothing on you guys. You are absolutely stuck on stupid. No wonder these forums are full of guys with problems.

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Thanks for your feedback. How soon Would I see a change injecting eod at 50mg? Should I just drop hcg and ai and use it as needed? I’ll be supplementing t4 as well within the week. Is there a recommendation for dosing?

Throw the AI in the garbage. It is poison to for your body. The guys here are brainwashed by bro science. Drop the HCG unless you have to be fertile right NOW. If you don’t, you can take HCG later on a few months before you’re trying to get your significant other pregnant. I started three months prior at 500iu twice weekly and it got thr job done. Once she was pregnant I stopped immediately.

Start with the 50mg EOD and give it several weeks. Your body will adjust to no hcg and no AI. You may feel worse before you feel better. If you still have symptoms after 6 weeks or so increase your dose by 20-30mg per week and give it another 6 weeks. This stuff takes time to work. It’s not just a mettre of raising those levels. Once the levels are raised it slowly begins to improve things.

Anyone who believes the above is false is wrong. Absolutely, unequivocally wrong. It’s simple. It’s really really simple. Guys seem to thrive on complicated.

@bmbrady77 already stated. Maybe differently. But may you have good advice. That’s all it is advice. Most of us take different point of views and do our own research And consult with our drs.

There’s is no need for you to attack people on here the way you do.

Trust me I read some advice on here and I knows it’s the worst possible advice . I just state I disagree and give my own experience.
It’s a forum!

You are just another member on this forum. That’s it buddy! You know who the fuck I am?


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Biochemically unique seems lost of some men, everyone process androgens differently, some men are more sensitive to testosterone and even estrogen (CAG receptor repeat lengths) and need less, some more.

I do not subscribe to the one size fits all approach, otherwise the same cookie cutter protocol would work for everyone. It doesn’t and this is why men are seeking help on forums.

I’ve seen literally hundreds on men have problems with E2 >40 complain of soft weak erections and/or bitchiness, once the protocol was changed to include more frequent dosing and estrogen decreased, erections and moodiness/bitchiness issues resolved.

So when you see some guys with problems above a certain point and guys above a certain point with no problems, then you are witnessing biochemical individuality.

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That’s probably way too much unless you have problems with hypersecretion, 25-30mg EOD is more like it. Drop the AI and HCG, you can always add HCG later when looking to have kids, you can even add FSH injections to increase sperm if HCG isn’t enough on its own.

It’s not a one size fits all protocol. Everybody will need a different dose to resolve symptoms. They increase until THEIR symptoms resolve and that’s the dose THEY need.

I dont need to be fertile now. However I do plan on having children in the future.

Start the HCG about three months before you’re going to start trying and you’ll be good to go.

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