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6 Week Bench Cure


I am doing Dave Tate's Six Week Bench Press Cure and i had a few questions.

1) When the program asks for dumbbell extensions does it matter what kind? I am currently doing these http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loZgGqCZr1Q&feature=PlayList&p=85EA8F8B25F46FF6&index=2

2) What is the difference between dumbbell extension on floor and regular dumbbell extension? Other than obviously being on the floor.

3) I have no training partner and no boards. Is pin press an acceptable alternative for board press?

4) Unrelated but important. My squat and deadlift are suffering due to a lack of core strength. I am currently using bodycurls, abb wheels, and turkish getups to solve the problem. Are there any other things you would recommend to work on this?

Thanks in advance for your help



Buy a 2x6 and a roll of tape. cut the board into foot long pieces. When you lift put the taped stack of boards under your shirt.

For squat stability I like suitcase deadlifts (also great for grip) and pulldown abs. I've experimenting with something I learned bout on elitefts called the shovel lift (a deadlift with a bar thats loaded on only one side.) I've only been doing them for a few weeks, but I feel like its working.


Thanks for the advice.

Im going out to buy boards right. Im thinking about putting them under an under armor shirt to keep them tight.


Normally when I board press its a 3-board press, so a t-shirt works fine. If you vary heights a lot you may find that you have to wear a different shirt for different heights. Like an underarmor shirt for a one board press and a loose t-shirt for lockout work


If you have a mini band available you can always wrap it around your chest and slide the boards under that.

As for abs I like cable pulldowns, hanging leg raises (feet to hands) and romain chair situps or situps over a GHR. I find them effective and brutal but they don't take a huge amount of time or setup


1) Doesn't matter.

2) Doesn't matter.

Extensions are extensions, different variations will give you slightly different muscle recruitment, so its good to rotate them from time to time, but all of them will give you about the same results. No need to over think a minor assistance lift.


Thanks for the advice.

Boards are made and seem to fit great under a t-shirt. Tried suitcase deads today. They felt a little awkward but i think i will get used to them. I also tried the shovel lift but used it for a 10 second isometric at the knee.


X 2 on the miniband thing!