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6 Week Anaerobic/Aerobic Mesocycle

First, I’m not a bodybuilder nor do I tend to be one. I’ve done shows before and loved them, but I’ve moved on. Also, I’m not a power lifter, cross-fit enthusiast, strongman, track star, football player, or whatever other categories are out there. It seems my training and my goals can’t be boxed into just one category, but rather a combination of them all.

I’ve trained off for nearly 8 years now, I started from the age of 17 at an amazing 115 pounds. I’ve had ups and downs throughout my training experience and have concluded that I want more than just to be a big guy.

I stand at 5Ã?¢??5Ã?¢?? with a weight that fluctuates [160-184lbs] depending on what training period I’m on [currently 164lbs]. I’m only writing to keep my thoughts together and to track the training, but it’s not a bad idea to bump ideas off of other people.

The training Period [12 months total] that I’m currently on is designed to increase my anaerobic strengths as well as aerobic strengths, from nonlinear to linear. The first phase of the training, better yet, the first mesocycle is six weeks long designed to increase anaerobic endurance as well as aerobic endurance. It also is designed to increase:

  • Mitochondrial growth and proliferation
  • Extensiveness of capillarization
  • Ligament strengthening [connective tissue]
  • Ratio of muscle fibers
  • VO2 Max

I’m by far no expert, not do I claim to be. I’m just doing something I love and nothing more. Then reason my goals have to be specific is that I, for one, love being active. Ive competed in several different events in one year; from powerlifting and strongman competitions to running 5Ks and marathons. I want to be as big, strong, and fast as possible however. I will not sacrifice physiological efficiency for the chance of five more pounds or a new PR for deadlifting.

Because my workouts have a very complicated system I won’t be writing the WHOLE program onto the log [this is my own log, I already know the program], but I will explain as much as I can. And if asked questions more!!!

On basics, my diet is pretty normal. I eat nearly seven times a day with a healthy mixture of fats, proteins, and slow/fast digesting carbs. I am a big fan of eating vegetables, and I eat them EVERY meal. I do have a few nutritional rules.

  1. A large amount of your calories should come from food that “can” be eaten raw. I’m not saying I’m a raw food person. What I am saying that the transformation from raw to cooked shouldn’t be soooo elaborate that you’ve used chemicals you can’t even pronounce to make the end result. So, cooked corn or steak would work great, but a store bought sandwich with its loads of preservatives, chemicals, and enriched floor wouldn’t make the list.

  2. Vegetables should be a huge portion in the diet, which means eating tons of it. The stuff is very healthy and when was the last time you met a person over weight from eating 5,000 calories of vegetables a day? Never

  3. Cheat meals occur and that is fine [no explanation needed], but it should only be about 20% of calorie intake

  4. Nothing is wrong with eating fruits and they should be consumed daily as well

  5. Protein is necessary but should not be overwhelming, IÃ?¢??ve made more gains eating a more rounded meal then I’ve ever had eating only steaks, tuna, and boil eggs all day.

Ok, got those out of the way. Lets post a day of training:
Morning – Aerobic Training
Run 6 miles at a Easy Run Pace
Upper / Lower Body Mobility and Flexibility Drills

Midday – Timed Callisthenic Drill

Drill # 1 – 2 MIN Rounds with 30 Seconds Rest

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 10 Hindu Push Ups
  • 15 Body Weight Squats
  • 20 Push Ups
    Drill # 2 “4 MIN Rounds” with 30 Seconds Rest
  • 10 Hanging Knee-to-Elbow Leg raises
  • 20 “4-count” Flutter Kicks
  • 20 Army Style Sit Ups
    Drill # 3 “2 MIN Rounds” with 30 Seconds Rest in Plank Position
  • Max Hindu Push Ups *
  • Max Pull Ups *
  • If I’m too tired to perform pushups or pull-ups then I will remain in Plank Position until the following round

Evening Workout
Squat AMT [Assistive Muscle Training]:

3 Rounds with limited rest between Exercises and 30-60 seconds between rounds
Single Leg Press 8 x 70% 1RM Rhythmic Tempo
Lunge 10 x 65% 1RM Rhythmic Tempo
Single Leg Deadlift 8 x 70% 1RM Rhythmic Tempo
Leg Curl 10 x 65% 1RM Rhythmic Tempo
Barbell Hip Thrust 8 x 70% 1RM Rhythmic Tempo
Glute Raise 10 x 65% 1RM Rhythmic Tempo

Barbell Row ME [Maximum Effort]

3 Rounds with 30 Seconds rest between Exercises and 90 seconds between rounds
Barbell Row 5 x 85% 1RM
One Arm Row 5 x 85% 1RM

3 Rounds with limited rest between Exercises and 30-60 seconds between rounds
Weighted Pull-ups 8 x 75% 1RM Slow Tempo
Cable Row 10 x 70% 1RM Slow Tempo
EZ Barbell Curl 8 x 75% 1RM Slow Tempo

1 Round
Compound Cable Row 24 x 70% 1RM Slow Tempo

The workout[s] have been long and very hard. I’m still working on the time [between all three] and the nutritional timing of it all. I normally consume around seven meals, but lately I have been finding myself constantly eating regardless if I previously ate. As far as just the training, I can’t wait till this cycle is over so I can drop the miles, the miles are long and slow with 13+ mile L.S.D. runs throughout the cycle. But it’s only there to strengthen ligaments and increase efficiency of energy conversion.

I didn’t get to mention about supplements last time because I was pretty tired from writing, but I take the normal stuff. Animal Pak, Animal Omega, Animal Test, Animal Stak, BCAA, AA, Monhydrate Creatine, and Glutamine. I don’t drink protein shakes because,… they make me vomit. Seriously, I can drink one shake and within minutes it’s coming back up regardless of brand, taste, mix between soy-milk or water. Hmmmm, not really sure if anyone else experienced this.