6 Ways to Reach Your Genetic Potential Question

Hey Coach,

Really interested in trying the program in your article "6 ways to reach your genetic potential’ however I’m not really sure what sets and reps to do for each exercise if I’m wanting to have a more power building style program.

My main goal is to gain size.

My stats are as follows:

18 years old

Thanks in advance.

It’s not a program it’s a concept to help you build your own training.

As for how many reps … what is your main goal? And what rep range do your normally use?

My main goal is hypertrophy.

I normally train in rep ranges between 8-12 reps however for back squats and dead lifts I am normally in the 3-5 rep range.

I guess what I’m really wanting is a rough guideline for the set and rep protocols I should be using in order to reach this goal, especially as you recommended staying away from typical 3 sets of 10.