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6' Tall 55 Y/O Down from 400Lbs to 250LBS

Over year I tipped the scales at 400lbs. Suffered from primary hypogonadism and on Delatestryl last 2 years. Thyroidectomy from Cancer, on thyroid replacement over 10 years.

Weight loss was hard in the beginning but once I started controlling by diet more (keto) and walking more, weight started to come off.

I’ve always had low muscle tone but now with TRT I want to switch over to weight training. In high school I weighed between 200-220lbs.

Should I start now or wait till I drop down more in weight?



Thats outstanding progress, especially under the circumstances. Very well done.

Personally i would start now with the strength training, building some lean mass will greatly impove your chances maintaining your weight loss and keeping it off for good. It should also help to a little with loose skin.

Best of luck


^ This x2, both on the congratulations about your progress and on the advice to start lifting. With weight training you can also maintain some of the strength and muscle you used to handle the larger body as the weight continues to come off. Keeping that muscle mass will also help keep your metabolism higher. Basically there’s no time like the present to start strength training and try to make it a regular part of your life going forward.

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congrats on your progress. start now.