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6 Sets on Back Day


I just did 6 sets for back, what's everyone think?


good start, but why are you posting from the gym?


six working sets?

.... so what?


6 sets is a warm-up. Do more work.



my gym is in my garage


Point being to finish the workout and then you can tell us about it


workout of six sets complete, did i mention i mention this was my first back workout in over a year?


OK, well best of luck to you. I'm heading to the gym now.

PS you may get better feedback if you were to just start a training log.


now you more 6 and other 6 and then we all will be 666

and if you're 555 then...


Well, that's kudos to you if you are recovering from some sort of trauma or injury, good way to start getting back. If not though, that's a warm-up. You should be able to do at least double that. I would say 12 quality work sets for back is the lower end of the volume spectrum for such a large group of muscles.


That's it?


I'm 6 6 6.

I like it.