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6 Pulses/Day and Layers For Fat Loss


CT, it seems some people are having success using 6 pulses/day MAG-10 along with one healthy solid meal (HSM), in conjunction with the modified layer system for fat loss.

What are your thoughts on this tactic? I've recently started the layer system and love the results, but feel I need to get rid of a fair amount of body fat. So, I was going to do:

day 1: slight incline pressing (Layers)
day 2: high pulls (Layers)
day 3: legs (non-layer)
day 4: slight decline pressing (non-layers)
day 5: high pulls (non-layers)
day 6: OFF (possible conditioning session)
day 7: OFF (low protein day)

What would you suggest as a good loading parameter(s) for the non-layer days?




For non layers 3,3,3,6,6,6 is a very good loading scheme... you can use the same weight for all sets of 3 and then the same weight for all sets of 6, or ramp up the weight... Something like:

90%, 90%, 90%, 80%, 80%, 80%


87.5%, 90%, 92.5%, 77.5%, 80%, 82.5%


Thanks for the response. I have another related question: due to the caloric deficit, would you suggest using an estimated percentage (based, for example, on past performance) for the non-layer days rather than a ramp to establish a daily percentage? The idea then would be to add to that weight, as possible.




Actually the percentages are just for illustration purposes. I could have used numbers instead. When dieting down you might lose some strength, so goign from a past max might not be a great idea.


If fat loss is the goal, which layer scheme is generally recommended for the layer workout days? A slightly reduced volume strength layer like:
ramp to 1rm
2 clusters sets @ 90%
ramp to 2rm from 70%
2 cluster sets @ 90% of 2rm
ramp to 3rm from 70%
1 hard 5 set @ 80% of 3rm

or something like:
ramp to 2rm
3 cluster sets @ 90%
3 hdl extended sets
I seem to be a little behind on the most up to date layer methods so this scheme may be the "old" method, and newer methods might be preferred.


Cmryan: There's a far loss layer forum post ..strength layers are good & HDL is harder to recover from.

  1. Ramp to 1RM
  2. 2 Cluster or straight sets with 90% of 1RM (3-5 reps)
  3. Back down to 70% and ramp to 2RM
  4. 2 Cluster or straight sets with 90% of your 2RM (3-5 reps)
  5. Back down to 70% and ramp to 3RM
  6. 1 extended HDL set (max/15 sec/max) with 80% of 3RM

Or for explosive movements:

3 sets of 5 at 80% with 20-30 sec of rest between sets


Cool. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

For the 3,3,3,6,6,6 scheme, should it be 90% of a 1,2 or 3 rep max for the sets of 3?


The 90% of a 3RM is used for the layer system where you can do 8 sets of 3, but that's another program. I would ask CT that. I personally go by feel a lot because I think it's the bodies feedback on performance & my CNS state. Looking at my notes from CT the load should be challenging but you must not break down in technique. You're welcome...hope that helps.


Sput, thanks for the additional information--it's always nice to have more options. The above set-up that I posted came from a suggestion by CT in another post in this forum: he suggested doing only 2 full layer workouts (slight incline presses, and high pulls), along with 3 non-layer workouts (legs, slight decline presses, and the 2nd high pull session) each week.

cmryan, the 90% in the 3,3,3,6,6,6 scheme is for illustration purposes. So, it means to choose a weight that you can lift 3 (or 6) times with good form, but could not go heavier (without form breakdown and "grinding").

Hope that helps,



I would be interested to know if CT considers one or the other of the above schemes for layers & fat loss to be superior to the other, or if it's just a matter of preference.



@Crowbar: You're welcome...I personally used the one I posted above. I have a lot of body awareness & I personally found when doing the layer I posted 3 serv of Plazma & lots of MAG-10 (the more the better) & I had a high carb day at least once a week ....I personally would NEVER sacrifice performance so if your recovery drops eat more....your body temperature will let you know too,...orally between 4-6pm the closer to 98.2 or above the better....

I think most people screw up dropping calories too much which drops your leptin, GH, testosterone, & increase cortisol.....you must keep your hormones in check when dieting & training ...sometimes eating more you will lose more fat...which comes back to performance & body awareness......if CT suggested it its good!


Sput, I agree with everything you said. In fact, I'm loving the results with the "regular" layers so much that I may just go with 4 MAG-10 pulses/day, Plazma, indigo, more solid food, and forget about the 6 MAG-10 Pulse Feast set-up for now.



@Crowbar: Sounds like a good plan to me. Eat clean, Layer System, Biotest supplements, & eat for performance...I think you can lean out some without trying on that plan....I just evaluate what I'm doing every two weeks & go from there...unless my performance drops then I eat more calories & carbs.


Fellas, thank you for the insight and great info. Not reading the forums daily (been a little busy the last few months) makes me feel like I'm struggling to catch up to the latest (and most preferred) methods. So, I really appreciate the help.


I hear ya cmryan.Miss a few days and you feel like your a week behind.It's like a second job trying to keep up haha...


I'm right there with you guys! I've been training for almost 30 years, and recently I just hit a wall--I was burnt, had some nagging injuries, and just had no enthusiasm. So, I took 4 months off. When I came back recently I had to play a LOT of catch-up!

I have to say this, however: the Layer System is model training efficiency. It is one of the most beautifully simple and effective methodologies I've ever used! It is the definition of training efficiency. The gains I've made in just the last couple of weeks has been very motivating; I mean I'm making gains like I haven't for years!

I'm 51, soon to be 52. I wish to God I had had T-Nation when I started--oh God, how many years less would I have wasted?

You young guns are SO lucky--take advantage!