6 Plate/570lbs Deadlift Goal by the End of This Year

The best I’ve done was a 230kg/507Lbs last year in meet, since then I’ve been taking a break from lifting to work etc. Just recently I wanted to pick up a goal that I left behind years back. If it helps I’m 6ft and 200lbs and I would prefer not to gain too much. Past few weeks I spent mainly on getting the groove back so I “played” around. Also just started the 1st week of ed coan’s deadlift program (which i really enjoyed doing.) I only set a 10kg increment to be safe. Just wanted to know jf the goal is unrealistic or am I underestimating myself to aim for something slightly higher? Thanks.

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Id say it’s going to be hard considering you haven’t trained deadlift in 3 months at least. Your max is now probably lower than before so you’ll have to make that up as well. If you manage it your going to have to bust your ass to get there.

Ye man I have to agree on that maybe I’ll be just becareful and see where the program takes me ; considering I can finish 3 cycles before year end. ( Just checked its week 14/52)

Isn’t 6 plates normally 585 (if we are using lbs for the goal). I think if you have kg plates, Maybe 260 kg (~574 lbs) is the goal if you are using kg plates and bar.

Enough of the details on freedom units vs metric… It is good goal if you are right around that 500 lb deadlift area right now.

My best is 485 lbs, but my deadlift is lagging. I would be very pleased to get to 260 kg by the end of the year, and think with my training being changed to bring the deadlift, that it is possible.

I am down for the challenge!