6 pak in 12 weeks?

I am in my second year of BB and I don’t have a 6 like they suggest in the 12 week or 90 programs. I weight train 5-6 days/wk plus cardio. I eat right and do protein, glutamine and creatine.

Does it take a few years to get ripped doing it without roids and going broke on supps?

This may be a foolish question, but are you incorporating abs into your weight training? And what about body fat? If you have excess body fat centered around your abs, you may just have that 6-pack hiding underneath it all. A common misconception is that abdominal crunches will get rid of the fat. They don’t. You might have great abs, but they could be covered by fat. If you don’t have the excess fat in that area, are you doing enough abs, and are you doing them right?

There are lots of plans on T-mag but I’ve come up with a perfect plan for myself.

12 weeks of abs every 2-3 days
Biotest T2 3x/day every week
Biotest MD6
weeks 1-6 2 pills 3x day
Weeks 7-8 - No MD6
Week 10,11,12 - 2 pills 3x day
Biotest Methoxy
Weeks 6-12 2 serving per day

All this and diet high in protein (1.5g/lbs of body weight)
Low in carbs with only 1.5 cups of oatmeal (35g carbs) at breakfast and a 50gram carb/30g protein drink right after your workout.

For protein, I have a chicken breast twice a day, half pound of ground beef (lean) twice a day and the rest of my protein is from shakes.

Twice now I’ve gone from average shape to top shape. Heck, last May I won a “best abs contest” on a cruise boat full of 20 somethings and I’m 31.

Before doing this program, I had barely ever done a situp or crunch let alone the hanging leg raise stuff. For abs, I superset 20-30 hanging leg raises with 20-30 crunches (4 sets) every 3rd day. Every other routine I ad in side twists to tighten up my obliques but not much else.

Define “eat right”.

Jon, couple questions on your plan. Sounds like you’re getting 340 cal/day from carbs and 1200 cal/day from protein (if 1.5g x 200lbs). What is your total caloric intake? Is the rest from fat? Not much fiber in there … no fruits or veggies? How much weight do you think you lose across the 12 weeks on this? How important do you feel the supps are for success? Any cardio? What’s your workout like otherwise?

Get some cytomel and md6. Take 50mcg of cytomel for 5 weeks and 4 md6’s a day with a matinence low carb diet. Do some heavy DL’s and squats. Works like a charm. Dont do meltdown training while on the cytomel, you will burn too much muscle.

I guess I take in a bit more protein than that. Also, I tend to cycle from one week to the next. Every other week, I add an extra serving of oatmeal mid morning. As for supps, I think the T2 is good to keep the metabolism going.